Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

2009 was our year to have Thanksgiving with Will's family. So we made the trek to Idaho and had a wonderful week there.

Although, just a fun little story about our car before I dive into the photos.

Before our trip, our Jetta had been starting weird. When you turned it on, it didn't feel like it was running on all 4 cylinders. It ran more like a 1960's VW bug, than a 2004 VW Jetta.
Will was going to try his hand at fixing it (he can usually fix anything. Serious). However, due to time restraints and the possibility that our car would be torn apart with no answers the day before we had to leave to Idaho, we decided to take it into the VW dealership and let them mess with it.

To make a really long and boring story short, turns out they weren't able to fix our car in time before our trip (they broke a part while they were fixing it, then fixed it, gave it back to us and it still wasn't fixed).

So instead, we got to drive this sweet ride:

It was a 2010 and only had 600 miles on it. I felt completely spoiled with the heated seats - especially since it was like 15 freaking degrees in Idaho Falls.

We actually still have this car. It's been 2 weeks. I'm fine with that, but I am wondering if VW is ever going to fix our Jetta.

Anyway on with the Thanksgiving report! I'm lazy today, so the pictures are in no particular order, but I'll try to post captions where necessary. Enjoy!

Uncle Daniel with Preston...I was surprised he sat so still on his lap for that long.

Our little jailbird on tippy-toes.

Preston loves balls, and found about 5 different basketballs around Grandma and Grandpa's house. He has eagle eyes I tell you! He found balls in the most obsure places but just knew they were there!

Game Night with Da Boys
Queen of the Self Portraits - Haha
Beautiful Dalynn...

At Great-Grandma Lindsay's house...

Getting the car stuck in the snow

Helping Grandma locate her perfect Christmas tree to chop down

"Me might mountain man...I have cut down massive tree! Ar!"

Our little Christmas Elf...

At the Thanksgiving Day was 15 degrees

The after-Thanksgiving-dinner Belly


I was trying to show the kids how to decorate cookies and somehow the frosting kept ending up in my mouth. Incredible.

So sleepy....

Will and I before our baby-less date to go see New Moon (by the way I have a confession, I actually READ New Moon over the holiday. I KNOW!! I swore I would never read any Twilight books!LOL)


The High Family said...

Great post with beautiful pictures!

I saw New Moon (well and Twilight) last weekend too!!!! I am asking Santa for the series and I said I would never read them as well. LOL

I noticed Preston's rosy cheeks. I wanted to let you know about an ointment that I use on my kiddies...especially Ryan. It is called aquaphor.

works like a charm to get rid of the chapped cheeks...just put it on before bedtime. :)

Hope your car gets fixed soon...but heck enjoy the 2010!!

McLaughlin Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!!! Cute pics! Did you read Twilight before you read New Moon? The books are fantastic, but you have to read them in order. I know... I'm a book nazi :)

drcall81 said...

Way cute pictures! I know I don't keep up like I used to... med school sucks the life out of me man. Hope you guys are enjoying life!