Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Preston Post

Hi there. It's me, Preston.

It's been an eventful week.

First, I fell asleep in my highchair again.

Then, I went to the snow!!

Except, I didn't go snow-shoeing or cross country skiing like Dad and uncle James and aunt Elizabeth.

I just sat in the snow with my friend Camden and cried. Maybe next year I will like the snow??

Here's my buddy Camden!

After all the snow stuff, we all went to the Family Pancake House in the mountains.

I ate the most pancakes. More than anyone there!!

Except, I did share a few bites with my cousin Gwenevere.

Then I got to play the piano with my friend Emma! She was pretty good.

Duets were so much funner than playing by myself!

Emma got up on the piano bench all by herself. I asked her how she did that, but she just said "Uhhh".

And last of all, my Dad ran in a big running race!!

And guess what, he got 2nd place! It was a marathon!

Well, that's all.



Dan Thomas said...

A marathon is a long way to run. Mybe some day you can run them also.

Kristi said...

Ca-razy. Tell your daddy he is my hero... crazy yes... but amazing.