Friday, December 4, 2009

Night at the Symphony

You may remember our Night at the Symphony last year.
I am proud to say that this year it went much smoother.

This time, I was not breastfeeding and worrying about a starving baby at the babysitters. This time I did not spill smoothie all over the only dress that fit me right before we were supposed to leave. And this time, I fit into a way better dress that I had actually worn for Will when we went to the symphony back in 2004. Yes, it was a bit tigher and had more cleavage, but STILL I wore it. Oh and I got to wear my fancy necklace that I never get to wear hardly ever.

I had been telling Will for a few months that I wanted him to take me out on a dressy date. And being that we are not technically gangfully full-time employed right now, this means that in order to do a date like this, we must forgo other casual date nights to afford it.

However, Will surprised me with a crazy surprisingly affordable fancy date night. Check this out:
Seattle Symphony Tickets: $9 each

Romantic Italian Dinner for Two overlooking the city: $40
(and that included appetizers, drinks, dinner, and dessert)

Do you want to know his secret?

Symphony tickets:
While these tickets normally sell between $30 - $150 (depending on where you sit), he found steal-of-a-deal tickets on the day of the concert (they usually discount tickets in order to fill the house and get rid of empty seats)


You can get a special code on, which you redeem on Basically, you pay $2 for a coupon that is $25 off and then you can choose from any of the participating restaurants on

It was a lovely evening indeed. The Symphony played Tchaikosvy's Pathetique Symphony, a pianist played a Mozart Piano Concerto with the symphony and then afterwards did improv compositions for us. It was neat. And we had one of the most entertaining conductors to watch. Long hair flying around and all. It was actually the very first time I have ever seen a conductor conduct a symphony without using any music. I was so impressed. (Gerard Schwartz is retiring from the Seattle Symphony and so they are "interviewing" prospective conductors, so many of the concerts have guest conductors. It's fun).

During intermission we did our traditional thing and climbed up to the 2nd balcony and tried to pick out people wearing the most rediculous outfits. You never know what you get at the symphony. The award went to the 4 teenage boys dressed like the Jonas Brothers, only longer hair and shabbier tshirts and jeans, unfortunately not pictured here.

Thanks for a great dressy date, babe! And thanks to James and Elizabeth for watching Preston for us.


Dan Thomas said...

That was nice of James and Elizabeth to watch Preston. I bet Preston thought he was going too.

Marissa and Scott said...

What a fun night! Congrats on getting into that dress. You look gorgeous! :)

The High Family said...

one word. JEALOUS! ugh, we need a date night. Great job on the deals! You are such a beautiful couple. I LOVE that picture of you two in the beginning of the post. :)

Chelle said...

It looks like you guys had a great evening - at a total bargain. In fact, it gave me a great idea for our anniversary next week! And a great deal is especially helpful when we are dishing out for our remodel. Thank you thank you thank you!! :)