Sunday, August 1, 2010

Preston's Visit at Bramma and Bumpa's

I've sort of been a blog-o-maniac this weekend.

I figure if I can't sleep I might as well blog. So I'll probably have posted more blogs in the last few days and the forthcoming coming week than I have for the past month.

I've been blogging a lot about my pregnancy - since HALLELUJIAH it's almost coming to an end here pretty soon and we'll finally get to meet this little guy and resume our lives back to normal. Okay scratch that. A new kind of normal.

I've sort of been having a hard time lately (again, soooooooo excited that this baby is almost here). There have been two people in our lives who have really been a HUGE help lately.

That would be my parents. A.K.A. "Bramma and Bumpa".

For the past several weeks, my parents have taken Preston at least once a week - usually overnight.

It's no small trip up to the island - it's about an hour and a half one way, so it makes out for a 3 hour roundtrip just to drop him off. So we usually try to arrange it so one of us drops off and one of us picks up. (All those times my mom has pestered me over the last couple of years about not living close enough have come ringing into my head lately...)

This last week, Preston stayed at G&G's for THREE days. This was by far the longest he's ever been away from us.

I was really hesitant to let him stay that long at first, but then realized that I really needed to take advantage of any help offered right now so I gave them the green light.

He had SO much fun.

When I called the next morning after my parents took Preston, I asked how his first night was. My mom said that they went to the beach and ate baked beans, hot dogs, and pasta salad.


Three of his most favoritist foods ever!! I thought for sure, feed him like that, and he'll never want to come home.

And not only did my mom wean Preston of his bottle while he was gone, but he learned all sorts of new phrases like "okey dokey", and new skills like ringing the front doorbell over...and over...

and over...

while shouting "I press the button! I press the button!"

I have to say the highlight of Preston's trip to Bramma and Bumpa's house had to of been his trip to go see the cars...

I shall explain.

First you should know that Preston, who is only 2 years old, is a HUGE huge huge huge fan of cars. He loves to watch cars drive on the road (naming any sort of convertable a "fast car...varroom!"), he loves the movie "Cars" and has a small collection of Lightening McQueen's, Mators, and such...

And while most of his other obsessions have come and gone (like the ball phase), the car phase has stuck. For a LONG time. He's liked cars probably since last Fall.

So my parents have a friend who is a car collector. Well, he collects old classic cars, restores them, and takes them to auto shows across the country and has won "Best in Show" many times.

He doesn't just have a couple of cars. He has a couple of BARNS full of cars.

Well, apparently, he had a real Hudson Hornet. You know, the old blue race car from the movie "Cars"? One of those.

So my parents took Preston out to their friends' home to see the Hudson Hornet.

This car is pretty rare, but he let Preston sit in the front seat...

As you can see below, he brought his blue Hudson Hornet (in his hand), and his huge excited grin.

I'm tellin' ya, this place was a car lover's PARADISE.

Preston noticed all of the miniature cars lined up on the wall and got pretty excited...

And as if he couldn't get any luckier, Brent (My parents' friend) let Preston play in all of the mini cars.

Apparently he didn't like the mechanical rocking horse though - haha.

There was another Hudson car (not a Hornet) that Preston was allowed to actually sit in and push any buttons that he wanted, and pretend to drive it.

He was ecstatic.

I was told that Brent was pretty impressed by how much Preston already knew about cars for only being 2 years old.

And here he is again next to the Hornet...

Preston has LOADS of fun at G&G's house and I knew he was sad to have to come home Saturday morning.

When my mom brought him back, as soon as he walked in the house I said "Hi!!!!" and he stopped, looked at me, and just stood there. Haha. And then he went back to Grandma.

It took him a good 10 minutes to snap out of it and realize HELLO I was his mommy!

Thank you Bramma and Bumpa for taking care of our sweet boy for a few days. I was able to get a little bit of rest, some work done on my final pre-baby music project, and Will was able to get some job searching done (more about that later...).

We love you! And Preston is your biggest fan. Are you excited to soon babysit TWO boys for us? Haha.


Carolyn said...

We LOVE Preston too! Send him our way anytime!

Loralai's Mommy said...

Jenni, it looks like Preston had a fabulous time! I love the first picture of him in the car :)

Dan Thomas said...

Jenni isn't the love that Grandparents can provide wonderful! It sure looks like Preston was in the highth of his glory!

I remember taking Will to his grandparents to get lots of love whenever a new one was comming.

Lori-ann said...

Oh wow. Your parents are so generous and nice! I'm learning so much from other grandparents how I want to be when I'm a grandma. Preston looks like he was just in heaven.

Sandy said...

If Preston's love of cars continues, Will might just have to give him the Porche that he promised to buy me. Maybe he could drive me around?