Friday, August 13, 2010

Today would have been...

From The Belly Diaries, Friday, Aug 13th, 2010

...the day of my csection if I would have stayed with my original doctor.

I would of had a baby right now.

My husband would have been elated to have two kids born on Friday the 13th.

I would be out of pregnancy misery.

I'm starting to wonder if I will ever go into labor. Each day I hope...and each day is another day I feel like crap with absolutely no signs of labor.

Even my braxton hicks have tapered off considerably.

At least with an extra week, even if I don't go into labor, I won't ever have to wonder "what if I would have just had more time", and can be okay with knowing I did everything and I mean EVERYTHING to give my body the chance to vbac.


Nichole Contente said...

I used castor oil to get labor started with my third, i was vbac post 2 csections.
it worked! i mixed it with some oj. went into labor 4 hours later, had my son 11 hours later.
it was either that, or have going through the trouble like you have with finding a new dr. and then ending up with a cesarean again.
good luck

Dan Thomas said...

I am sure that it will all work out! Mom has gone hiking at Jenny's Lake today. (That is over on the Wyoming side of the Tetons!) Just be glad you are not out hiking today!