Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Picnic

Last Saturday we ventured up to Camano Island and had a picnic on the beach.

We enjoyed chicken, pasta salad, fresh fruit, rice krispy treats and Preston got a special corndog from Grandpa.


...And some more cheese.

This is what happens when you are 2 years old and you are above the 95th percentile in height and weight: You try to wear big kid pants because they are long enough for you, but too big around the waist because really, you're not a "big kid" yet.

Grandpa's jimmy-rigging worked. Good thing he happened to have some spare rope.

And what a better way to fill up 30 minutes of time other than running up and down a ramp over and over again?

Ahhh yes. Beach time is grand.

I've decided I definitely need to have a house on the beach. Will honey baby sweety pie?


Preston is definitely all boy. He has cars everywhere he goes.


Yes he did this all by himself. Climbed up onto our bed, with snacks and cars, propped pillows and one in the lap and watched a movie. Just like mom does it. Ha!


Dan Thomas said...

I like Prestons tie job on his pants! I have done that one before. Whatever works right! Jenni I think you should have a house on the beach so Mom and I can come and see you.

I would not be suprised if Taylor was into cars also just to be like his big brother and his Dad. I have a picture of his Dad setting in one at the Detroit auto show.

Carolyn said...

It was a grand day.....thanks for coming to visit. Remember when we used to live on the beach?......I never got tired of it. And THANK YOU WILL FOR ALL YOUR HELP ON MY COMPUTER!!!!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Oh your picnic my the beach looked like heaven.
Preston is so cute. I love his cars everywhere.

NelsonFam said...

So fun. I love reading posts with info about Preston because I just smile and nod the whole time. Jace's pants don't stay up, he loves running up and down stuff, but at our house their are trains everywhere instead of cars.

And I think Taylor looks a lot like you in the "whatsup" picture.

Ahhh isn't it nice to get outside after having a baby!