Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 1 Month

Happy 1 Month, Taylor Alexander!

Taylor was born August 17th, at 9:57 p.m.

Taylor in his Pack'n'Play a few days ago

We're still getting to know this little guy's personality, but here are some facts about Taylor so far:

- He is such an easy going baby. He just cries when he is hungry or poopy. Or when he is trying to poop.

- He loves to eat. He is very on-schedule with his feedings and rarely goes more than 3 hours without requesting to be fed.

- He loves it when Preston comes over and pays attention to him. I don't know why, but kids always seem to be aware of other little people like them.

- He weighs just about 10 pounds now. Not sure how accurate that is, since we weighed him with clothes on and after he'd eaten.

- He doesn't particularly like his carseat.

- He loves to be held, whether it's being rocked, toted around in the Bjorn, or whatnot.

- He's starting to get some chub on his upper thighs, arms, and on his cheeks.

- He is starting to like baths more. But still, every time we remove him from the water to transfer him to a towel, it's like he's being pulled from the womb all over again and he screams and cries.

- He is getting better about getting his diapers changed. He used to hate it and would cry and cry. He would also flail his arms out as if he thought he was falling and get really upset about the falling feeling. But he's acclimating.

-He loves to stare at the lights, and the fishtank.

- He is a real grabber. I never had this problem with Preston. But with Taylor, if my hair falls in front of him (like for instance when I'm putting him in his carseat), he will grab hold and not let go. I've had to pry my hair out of his hands and he's kept several strands that I couldn't get loose. He also grabs my shirts and pulls them down and I have to be careful because he's flashed my underwear a few times - haha.

- He does NOT like it when I eat chocolate. It's a bit spitup burpy mess. No chocolate for Mommy :(

- He sleeps at night pretty good, waking up between midnight and 1am to eat, and then again around 4:30am and then at 7:30am. The only time it's usually difficult to get him back to sleep is the 4:30am feeding, and Will is usually on duty for that one. :)

- He still fits into newborn sizes, but he's already grown a few inches and so newborn pants are now too short.

- He has the softest feet. :)

- Preston likes to "pet" his brother quite often, and always tries to put a binkie in his mouth without Mom's supervision.

- Oh and Taylor no longer likes binkies. That lasted a whopping 2 weeks.

I was a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding yesterday, and Will watched Preston and Taylor all day during the events. Everyone commented on what a well behaved baby we had. Lots of people got to hold him and he never cried. Lots of people commented on his "red hair", which is funny because it only looks red (actually dark auburn) in the outdoor lighting. Otherwise it looks brown.

Taylor and Dad at the Wedding

Taylor we are so excited to have you part of our family!


Carolyn said...

What can I say?.....he's just a little angel.

Loralai's Mommy said...

He is just gorgeous! Happy 1 month Taylor!

Dan Thomas said...

It is my theory that kids have a natural ability to feel the spirits of others that have recently been in presence of Heavenly Father.

Sandy said...

I think you've got a keeper. He sounds a lot like Will when he was a baby. Soooooo good. Soooo fun.
I know I've told you before but I actually used to take Will shopping and leave the others home, just because he was so easy and fun to be with.