Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is me:

And this is Project: Preston-isms.

This is Preston:

He is:

If you take a walk around our house, you will sometimes find his belongings in the funniest, oddest place.

These sorts of findings we would like to call "Preston-isms" ~ Little insights into his personality and character. These findings make me smile because I always have to wonder what he was thinking when he was playing in these spots.

I journeyed around our home with our camera in hand randomly for a week, and documented Preston-isms, exactly as I found them...

Piano keys serve as great garages for matchbox cars.

And the keys act as a really cool bumpy road.

Why not help Mom decorate the house by adding your personal touch to the furniture?
Every piece of furniture should have car stickers on them. According to Preston.

And what better spot to park your fire truck than in a perfectly sized spot next to Mom's pillow? Backed in of course.

Um, I still haven't figured this one out yet...

Toys don't belong in the bedroom. They go on the coffee table. And all at once.

One must always organize one's Thomas the Train Legos vertically, and by color of course.

And the cars must all be parked side by side, and in order on the kitchen counter.

And Mom must need some fun items on her desk, so let's add some legos and toys.

And last photo for this epidose, my personal favorite...

Put Fire Truck hat on Dad while he is sleeping, because he deserves it. And it looks good there.

Like I said, all boy.


Funny Bathroom Talk:

Preston just woke up from his nap, with another poopy diaper.

Mommy: Preston, you need to come take a bath because you had two poopy diapers today and your bum is yucky.

Preston looks at mom, pauses to think for a minute, and then says very seriously: I dida BIG poop.

Preston is sitting in his high chair eating macaroni and cheese, and Dad walks in the door with Kristen, Preston's babysitter. (We had date night planned). Mommy tells Dad that Preston smells like he has a poopy diaper and needs to be changed before we leave on our date.

Dad takes Preston into his room to change his diaper, and upon taking it off says: Hey, you're not poopy! That was a trick.

Preston looks at Dad and says, very matter-of-factly: I toot in the chair.

Then he giggles.

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Dan Thomas said...

Preston is all boy and arn't you glad!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

What a cutie. :) YOu have to laugh at the placement of all of his cars and trucks.

I can completely relate to Preston's poopy talk. I receive a similar conversation with Kailey.. a lot of negotiation. :)

PS. I love your new family blog header. :)

Carolyn said...

He cracks me up! He puts the cars on my piano too (keyboard) only he puts them head first and inbetween the black keys, so they all have individual parking garages.

He's so much fun....I miss having him around!

Renae said...

Just wait until Taylor can play too. I couldn't help but laugh just because we have all the same stuff around here everywhere. The boys LOVE the piano. They turn it into a parking garage for their cars. They seem to fit perfectly in between the sets of black keys.

You look great in your baby bjorn! (I really mean that.) I couldn't survive without mine!