Monday, September 6, 2010

New Family Photos

Now that we are a family of 4, we decided we needed to get some new family photos taken.

This past Saturday, our personal travelling photographer (my Dad) came to our home and set up a "studio" where we all posed like rockstars and got our pictures taken.

I can't say that we were the easiest to shoot. My dad said afterwards that he now knows why he prefers to shoot landscape photography - haha.

Between getting peed on twice and pooped on once by Taylor, and trying to convince Preston to come sit on our laps for the pictures (and him running away screaming)...we managed to get a few photos.

These are just a few samples. My dad still has a lot more that he is still processing, so we'll post those later when we get them.

This first photo, by the way, was taken by my Mom. All the others are my Dad's.


Dan Thomas said...

The pictures are of course great! Preston did look like he was all boy and did not care as much as you did if he got his picture taken.
Jenni it was good to see you in Leviu's again.

Carolyn said...

They didn't turn out too bad....considering what a workout it was to get them! Ha Ha! As dad said as he was processing the pictures....."Preston is ALL boy."

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow your dad is amazing. I just love all of his pictures. Your family is so talented. I love the family pictures. You are a cute family. And I love the picture of Will helping Preston hold Taylor.
Taylor is a beautiful baby. I think he has your chin. :)

Mike Southworth said...

How fortunate you guys are to have a local photographer in the family. :-) And agreed...Preston and Taylor do have amazing similarities, yet individual personalities. I can only imagine the "adventure" you had trying to pull off the photoshoot. All worth it though, right!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures-I es[pecially love the one of all the boys-Preston is looking at his Dad with such adoration. Priceless moment. So happy for you guys!

McClains said...

THose are precious Jenni! I love the ones of you and him, gorgeous. You are so wise to take pictures with them when they are so young, good luck getting the mommy of two things gets easier, trust me!