Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boys and Pianos

Both of our little boys enjoy playing the piano. As I was filming Taylor podunking around on my keyboard the other day, I remembered a video that we took of Preston around the same age. When I dug up the one of Preston, I realized that they were almost the exact same age, give or take a few days. Incredible right?

They also look a lot alike, have similar hair color, and mannerisms at the same age. It's too cute...have a look...

I also posted 2 other new posts today below (Preston singing his ABC's, and Taylor's 8 month post). Scroll down...(I just have to put that in for people who link to our blog via blog rolls on their own blog and our most recent post only shows up and they click on the blog homepage to see the rest).


Dan Thomas said...

Preston is so smart to know his ABC's already!

Dan Thomas said...

Oops, wrong post! Both boys like to play the piano cuz that is what mother does so well!(Kids learn what they see.)