Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taylor Hates Fruit.

We have the weirdest thing going on.

Taylor hates fruit.

Yeah, seriously, what person on this planet hates fruit?

So here's the deal. When Preston was a baby, we fed him apples first even though they say to not feed your baby fruit first otherwise they won't ever want to eat veggies. Well, this turned out to be true because Preston would never eat vegetables and always wanted bananas, apples, pears, etc. Oh, and he completely hate rice cereal. In fact, here is a video of him when he was 6 months old:

So with Taylor, we decided to only feed him rice cereal to start with, and then veggies, and THEN eventually fruit.

He loves rice cereal, and actually that is the only thing I can get him to eat right now (not even the veggies). But he completely HATES fruit! We've tried feeding him applesauce, pears, and cantelope.

This video below is of him this morning. I had just given him rice cereal and thought I would try the apples mixed with blueberries. His reaction is funny, and even actually VERY mild compared to other reactions we've gotten from him about fruit (similar to Preston's reaction above).

It's just so funny how completely opposite they are.


Dan Thomas said...

Kids learn very early what they like and don't like. Each child has a totally different set of tastes and like and dislikes. Often it is just opposite of the other child. That is normal!

James and Elizabeth said...

That just cracks me up. What a funny little boy. I'm sure he'll grow into liking fruit. At least to some extent. I'm not a big fruit eater I would rather have a cucumber than an orange but I still like oranges.

Emily said...

That's so funny! My kids kind-of have that same thing going on. The older hates most fruit, but will eat most veggies, the younger hates most veggies but loves most fruits. I always say I have one fruititarian and one vegetarian.

Kristi said...

Yeah Elijah isn't big on certain fruits but both our other kids loved them. Taylor is getting sooo big. I can't bleieve it already.

Rachel DeFreese said...

Hey Jenni! Thanks for leaving a comment so that I can follow you.

First, I can't believe your husband is running a 100 miler. I am proud of my 26.2 miles, and can't imagine how he must feel after 'practice races' consisting of 50k?!

Second, you take amazing pictures.

Third, your pictures make my husband and me homesick! We want to live in the NW badly.

And fourth, you have a beautiful family!

Glad I can keep in touch.