Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Day Off

That was the sign that hung on my music studio door yesterday.

Will tries to give me one day a week where I am undisturbed and left in my music studio to be creative. I'm trying to put out another album at the end of this year, and with two little ones it can be hard to find the time to get any work done. So these "music days" as I like to call them are so wonderful and special to me. I look forward to them a lot. :) Will completely takes over everything for the day and I am left to my creative side. Although, my studio doesn't have a lock on the door so I do get occasional visits from Preston.

I was able to get a song almost fully orchestrated. During all of that, Will completely cleaned the entire house and played Mr. Mom all day. He is quite the husband let me tell you! I was soooo excited to find the house so clean and both kids bathed. I know you're jealous huh. :) haha.


Sandy said...

Can Will come clean our house? He can bring the boys with him. (Will, when you guys get here we'll bag the cleaning and just play, ok?)

Dan Thomas said...

I hope your day off was worth it to you! Because confernce is coming and I know you will not be kid free on those days((I remember all to well what it is like keeping todlers quite during confernce.) I am afraid you will not have quite in the house until Will takes them to Priesthood Meeting. I remeber taking Will three hours one way to Priesthod meeting.