Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Taylor Post: I'm 8 months!

I can't believe that it's already been 8 months since Taylor Alexander has come to our family. Time sure does fly fast when you're having fun then!

Speaking of fun, here are some fun things about our little Taylor man...

- He weighs 20 lbs

- He is wearing mostly 6 -9 month clothing

- No teeth yet

- Is still working on rolling over, but so far it's a no go.

- Loves to lunge forward as if he's going to sprint forward and crawl, except he falls on his face and ends up on his belly.

- Has become very vocal lately and jibber-jabbers quite a bit. His favorite expressions are "A Duh!", "Da da da da da", and "Pthhhhhhhhhhhh".

- Goes to bed around 6:30pm - 7pm, wakes up almost like clockwork at 12am, 3am, and 6:45am. Still no sleeping through the night. :(

- Loves, loves, loves rice cereal. And that's about it. Absolutely hates everything else.

- Still very much a momma's boy. He's okay with other people as long as he can still see me. Let's hope he outgrows this by the time he goes to college or else this is going to be a problem.

- Loves his big brother and watches everything he does.

- Is a very fast swiper, so guard your dinner plates, water bottles, and keys.

- Is also known to be very quick at sticking his foot in his diaper, so you have to be super quick when changing poopies or else you've got to clean up more than just a bum.

- Totally mesmorized by Baby Einstein.

- Loves to pound on the piano keys.

- Stubborn - yes. But also very good natured. (does that sound like someone else we know, starts with a W and ends with an ill?)

- Things need to be his idea. If you take a toy away, he'll throw a fit, but if you try to give it back he won't take it. You've got to put it down next to him so that he can pick it up himself so he thinks it was his idea, not yours.

- Loves to be tickled, hide under blankets, and grab your face.

- Looks like Jenni, acts like Will.

We love him!


Katie Lady said...

Very cute!

Carolyn said...

We love him too! When he smiles at me, he warms grandma's heart!

Dan Thomas said...

I am glad that he looks to his brother and Dad for direction! He can't go wrong with that. He will not want you to go with him to college so just forget that one!