Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Lately

Ah, life lately...

It's been grand.

Someone has decided that he just HAS to feed himself.

While cute it is, clean it is not.  And I'm learning to be okay with that.  I'd rather him eat and be messy, than refuse food and go hungry and clean.

Preston got new shoes. Lightening McQueen shoes.  And for those other deal-savvy mommies, you can get said shoes at Payless right now for $9.99 or their BOGO deal which is "buy one get one half off", so we actually got his shoes for $4.99.  And they have Toy Story and girl ones too. I can't tell you what the girl ones were though, since I don't have girls, I rarely pay attention to the girl stuff.  Preston also still loves cars and trains.  You know - the usual.  It's been raining a lot here lately though, and so we've been stuck indoors.  My poor outdoor-loving boys have been a little cooped up.

Taylor has been going through some sort of phase.  Yes teething is part of it, but the rest I don't know.  If I leave the room, he cries. If I'm not holding him, he cries. If I'm not within sight or crawling distance, he cries.  If I go upstairs for something and leave him downstairs, he sobs and sobs and sobs. I'll think something is wrong so I come running back down, only to find him just sitting on the floor crying.  He has been ultra MEGA clingy.  I have been exhausted trying to take care of his needs.  Oh, and he also won't eat.  Unless he feeds himself, but because he's new to it, he really doesn't get a whole lot into his mouth.  So he goes hungry.  I have figured out that if I can force the first bite into his mouth, he gets a taste of it and then lets me feed him a few bites.  Oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.  At least he's past the teething fevers.  Last week for 2 days straight he was between 100 - 103 degrees.

Jenni (me) got a new phone, which is really smart.  And I think the smart phone might be outsmarting me because I still haven't quite figured it out yet.  But at least I am not using a Razor from 2007 anymore. And for those interested in knowing, I accidentally dropped my Razor in the toilet of an Arby's restroom while trying to talk on it and, well, you know what, at the same time.  Will had no idea our phone conversation would be cut short with a sudden splash into the toilet.  I was multi-tasking because it was midnight, I was tired and was driving home from Portland with our new car.

Will has been one busy man.  I think it would be safe to say that he is officially a Renaissance man.  Not only is he husband to me, father to our boys, but he is a project coordinator for a very busy company for about 10 or 12 hours a day, and the other "free" hours he is trying to work with our lender and contractors to get everything done to close on this house we are trying to buy.  We hardly see him.  In fact, 2 nights ago he never came to bed.  He had so much work to do that had to be done before the morning, that he literally worked through the night - thanks to the companionship of reruns of The Office on Netflix and his laptop. I stayed up as late as I could helping him scan documents, but anything further than that I couldn't do.  I felt so bad for him. :( 

And I promise I'm not trying to complain because I know there are lots of people out there who watch their spouses serve in the military for months at a time, or have spouses who have to take jobs out of state for months at a time, or have to be gone to go to school for months at a time....but having Will gone and so busy has been hard on me.  It's just that I love having him around so much, and not having that has been a hard adjustment.  And it only gets busier as we will start the actual remodeling projects on the house after it closes.  I keep telling myself that it's just temporary and I can get through this.  But I do have to hand it to all the single moms out there who do this for year and years - it is one hard job.  

We hope to close on the house by Oct. 31st. Our "fixer upper project" will probably take from Nov 1st - Feb 1st, at least to get it move-in ready.

And something new I learned this past week - I had absolutely no idea banks were so incredibly nosy when it comes to loaning you money for a home. Wow.  They really do want to know about everything.

The good news to all of this stress, is 6 months from now we will be in a new home for us that we own.  We will be a LOT closer to Will's job so he won't have to commute so many hours any more - which will in turn make him a lot happier and us too. I will have an album finished and ready to release.  So these are all good things - but just lots and lots of hard work to achieve.  Thanks for all the love and support you give our family.


James and Elizabeth said...

I love reading your updates. I hope everything goes well and you can close on the house by Oct 31st. I look forward to purchasing your new album soon. and I think i might have to take a walk to payless tomorrow. hehehe

Jenni said...

I forgot to mention that Preston wore his new shoes all day today - including his naptime. He insisted. LOL

Aby Runyan said...

Does Taylor have molars coming in? Cause his current state of being sounds EXACTLY like what Oz was just going through. It lasted a couple of weeks (maybe more, honestly I lost track). He was so totally miserable pretty much all the time. But then suddenly, on Saturday, he was back to normal. For the most part. He threw a fit about dinner tonight, but it was a normal fit. Not a crazy nutso fit like he had been having. And after a while of sobbing he finally sat on my lap and ate some dinner. So all I can figure is that the 4 molars that were coming in finally stopped hurting him and he regained normal brain function!
Hopefully there is light at the end of Taylor's tunnel too.

luvs, aby

Renae said...

I left a message in your e-mail!