Friday, October 7, 2011

What I Love Most About Babies

What do I love most about baby bodies?

These cute little miniature chunky wobbly legs!

They are the funnest when the little guy is not quite walking yet, but holding onto things and prancing around.

 And I love it when I'm helping him get ready for a bath and look down and see how little his legs and feet are compared to mine, while all the while he's wiggling and prancing. It's adorable. And the chub rolls are so fun and sweet too.

I love me some baby legs!


Carolyn said...

What's NOT to love about Taylor? He's such a cutey, AND with a personality to boot.

Anonymous said...

I love those legs too! It's kind of sad that Jaybie never had those chubby legs, though our R2D2 and Super N had enough to spare. Aren't babies the cutest things ever?!?

Dan Thomas said...

Baby legs are fun!