Monday, August 13, 2007

Car rides, Camping, Concerts, and Coincidences

It was another beautiful weekend in the northwest and we decided to go play.
(Fort Flagler Lighthouse, near Port Townsend on the WA peninsula - where we camped)

The Car Ride:
Wait a minute...that's not our car. But what exactly is that??
(we followed this car for a while and just couldn't figure out what was on top of it).

Ah, here we go. The car ride:

The camping:

(Above: Wildlife)

(More wildlife)
LOL my eyes look squirly, but it's because I'm looking at the picture while Will's looking at the lense like he's supposed to, and I'm not.

Riding the ferry
...which was interesting I might add, because Seattle recieved some terrorist threats regarding the ferry system, so our ferry ride was accompanied by many guys wearing bullet proof vests. It was definitely not the normal ferry experience.

More wildlife....cute at that.

Looking out across the Puget Sound

The concert:
My friend, Joe Bongiorno invited me to be a guest performer at his CD release concert Sunday night, August 12th. I performed 3 songs from my album. It was at his home on the north end of Lake Washington - for a small intimate audience of 35 people. It was a lot of fun.

Joe - telling the story behind one of his songs

Joe just released his 3rd album. Check it out - you won't be disappointed. (link above)

The Coincidence:

A tiny little town where we got on the ferry, named Southworth.

Coincidence: Southworth is my maiden name.

And yes I know I look stunning. Wouldn't you after not showering for 2 1/2 days?


The Sugies said...

Wow, you guys always travel. Sounds like fun and Jen, you always look beautiful even if you haven't showered in 2 1/2 days. Enjoy all the weekend get aways before the kiddies come. I'm jealous.

The Paulks said...

I think you look great! I so wish I could have been there to hear you perform. I love your CD (track #2 is my favorite). What's up with the terrorist threats? I guess there is always some random threat somewhere... Take care!

The Paulks said...

oh ya! you have to go to my blog, I will post a 'crazy northwesterner' car pic for you. We also saw this while in Seattle a few years ago, and couldn't figure out what in the world it was!