Monday, August 27, 2007

Theater Play and Family Play

Last weekend Will went camping with some of his guy buddies, and I was stuck home working all weekend. Yes the wives and I did have fun at the Cheesecake Factory, but I still went home and was sad I had to sleep alone all night.

This weekend, the original plan was that Will was going to come with me to "Young Frankenstein" with Erika (because Erika's husband was going on a scouting trip), but at the last minute Aaron convinced Will to come along on the scouting trip and leave the musical theater to us girls.

Lindsey, me, and Erika at Seattle's Paramount Theater, during the intermission for
"Young Frankenstein"

It was a tough decision, but Will couldn't just let Aaron be alone in that vast forest with all these boy scouts! What shame! So he had to help out!

"Should I go to the musical with Jenni, or go camping? It's tough...I really love those darn musicals, but somebody's got to keep an eye out on those boyscouts so that they don't get into too much trouble!"

It's all right, Will was really sweet about it and said he would come with me on Friday to the play, but I knew he would have more fun camping. So he went with Aaron, and then I slept over at Erika's this time so I wasn't alone. We watched chick flicks and ate ice cream and stayed up talking until 2am.

Saturday and Sunday we spent at my parents house - as my younger brother, Stephen, was up visting from Utah with his wife, Ileana and baby daughter Mackenzie.

One little baby just loved being in the kayak!

Mom and Dad

Will and I

Stephen and Ileana

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Andy and Brandie said...

Steven still looks the same, he has one cute baby. You looked like you were having fun at the theatre. you are very beautiful and I love seeing pics of you.