Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miss Mary Kay USA

I'm so incredibly proud and excited for my friend, Noelle, that I had to write a blog about her!

So okay there's not really such a thing as "Miss Mary Kay USA" but as you will see from her pictures, it totally looks like she is being crowned Miss USA or something.

I've known Noelle since we were 5 years old. And then we lost touch for years after my family moved away, and then we found each other again in the same stake just after we both graduated from high school. And then we lost touch again for like 7 years, and then found each other about 2 years ago. Noelle is married to an awesome guy and they have 3 little boys.

When Noelle and I found each other again 2 years ago, she was going through somewhat a rough patch - like we all go through sometimes. Over the last 2 years, I have seen her grow into this amazing successful business woman - all while still being able to be a stay-at-home mom for her children. (Okay I feel like I'm doing an advertisement here, but I'm not!) She has done so well, in fact, that she was just awarded 1st place in her "unit" (like a ward), and 3rd place in her region. She also won something called a "4 quarter pearl award" which is one of the highest level you can acheive. These pictures are of her from her recent trip to Texas for the national MK awards conference.

So to make a long story short, this girl is amazing - she has earned herself a car, a lot of jewelry, designer purses, and most important a sense of self esteem that I was missing seeing in her. It's good to have my Noelle back!

If any of you girls out there are interested in MK, you should contact Noelle. She is AMAZING. And P.S. I'm excited to have an award-winning MK person come do a house party for me soon. Hehe. Anyone want to come?


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Andy and Brandie said...

Hey there Girly, I would love to come just let me know the time and date. It sure sounds like she is a great person, and a wonderful friend. Love you lots