Friday, November 21, 2008

Jenni is ACTUALLY doing a tag???


My friend purposely left me out of a tag because, and I quote, "I'll tell you who I'm NOT going to tag! Jenni - you're NOT it! Because I know you, and know if I did tag you, you would purposely not do it. So you are not tagged - ever. :) Love ya! "

Okay okay so everyone must know how much I hate doing tags. So Lori-ann, THIS one's for YOU! Shock! Gasp! Jenni's doing a tag! But only because you said I wouldn't do it. Pthhhhhhhhhhh!

My quirks:

1. I can't cook in a messy kitchen. Even if I'm hungry enough to eat a horse, I will do all the dishes, wipe the cupboards and stove down before I start cooking. Ask Will. He's often sat there and watched me. This applies also even if I just want to eat something as simple as a sandwich.

2. I can't sleep crooked in bed. I have to be completely parallel with the bed.

3. I will stay warm as long as my feet are covered. It's completey psychological. I could be wearing flipflops and my brain will think I'm warm. I actually wear flippies throughout most of the winter here in Seattle.

4. I have a routine in the shower and if it is messed up, I get confused as to what I've already done.

5. I am very sensitive to smells. I think I am going to die if I inhale car exhaust for too long, and I will hold my breath for long periods of time to avoid sucking in cigarette smoke.

6. I can't stand having loud music on in the car unless I am alone. It's annoying when you're in the car with someone and you can't have a conversation because there is music. All I do is hear the words of the music. It is very distracting.

7. I can't eat before I perform. I will throw it up.

8. My closet is organized first by color, and then by sleeve length.

9. I often sit in church and look at other people and imagine what I would do with them if I was giving them a makeover. (not saying they need one, but I just think about what I would do).

10. I think sleeping takes up too much time and if I had it my way I would get little projects done all night while everyone else slept. I'm obviously a night person.

All right. I'm sure I have other quirks too that I can't think of. Will, can you think of any?


The High Family said...

hey no fair! you never did my tag! boohoo!! Just kidding! lol

Ok...tooo weird how we have many of the same quirks. Especially the kitchen and shower ones!! I thought I was the only one who HAD to clean the kitchen before I can cook or even eat! hahahaha

I also have a SUPER SNIFFER (as my loving husband likes to call my nose) and I can smell poopie diapers two rooms away. Most people "smell horrible" to me and I HATE airplanes because there are too many stinky people on them. LOL...though I LOVE flying. :)

Anyways...I decided not to do this tag because I have too many posts waiting in the wings to complete. But I am happy to see you did it!

Thanks for amusing us Jenni! :)

The High Family said...

PS- I am also a people watcher. I don't imagine what makeovers I can do for them...I wonder what their lives are like and how they are feeling at that very moment. It's weird I know. I find myself doing it ALL THE TIME. I think Ryan does it too...I catch him studying people when we are out. It's cute. :)

Brandie said...

I love your quirks they are so cute I have some of those as well. But my closet everything has to hang the same direction. Or I have to take it all out and do it right.

Justin and Olya said...

Jenni- I love you! "I'll do it because she left ms out!" LOL:)
I am all about the closet too : color coded, season coded , and most-least wearable coded. Oh. And the cleaning -- yeah :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with every thing you said except for a few! I love the shower one! The kitchen was is sooo like me!

Lori-ann said...

Haha!!! My evil planned worked! I purposely did NOT tag you so you WOULD do the tag!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I know you too well, girly. I knew if I told you NOT to do it, you would. I'm evil...

You remind me of so many more things I could have said too. Like the shower thing. And the closet thing. Are we all alike?

Great to read all these about you. :)

Will Thomas said...

You are definitely a list maker. I think I can count 5 notepads around the house all sitting with the front page listing things to do, not to mention the 3 word documents saved on the computer desktop labeled "Things to do today"