Monday, November 24, 2008

Preston's Post

Preston wanted you all to know a few things.

Well, Mom is going to attempt this again with me:

Here's how I like it. First we have to find...

I am:

Because I think books are so tasty!

P.S. This is Jenni. Thanks everyone for your kind words. We are going to be just fine. Do you want to know how I found out about Will being laid off?

Friday night I knew he was going to be late coming home because he was going for a run with a friend (they are training for a 50K in January). I had made a pumpkin pie for a Friday night treat and called Will and asked him if he would pick up some whipping cream on his way home. I actually tried calling him all afternoon, but no answer.

He got home and pulled out a tub of Coolwhip.

Well, I am sort of anti-coolwhip ever since I decided that foods in their natural state were better than subtsitutes. So I said, "Will, you know I hate coolwhip - it is full of hydroginated oil and aspartame. Why did you get the real dairy stuff like I asked?"

He said, "But the coolwhip was on sale!"

I replied, "Yeah, but you could have just paid like 50 cents more and gotten the real stuff." (with a major sad face on)

"Well I would have gotten the more expensive stuff but I lost my job today." He replied.

I just looked at him like he was completey joking - because Will is always playing jokes on me. I was like "Yeah right." But he was very insistent. "That is why I didn't answer my phone all afternoon - I was in a meeting with Chad. I brought home everything from my office in a box."

"Coolwhip is just fine. Thank you." I said with a gulp.

We are surprised that Will was fortunate enough to hold on to his job for so long being how the market is, but I know it is because he such a hard worker and good at what he does (he won't tell you that). We have enough in savings to last us for a couple of months and in the meantime we will hunt for a new job and enjoy our time together.

When Will and I were first married, neither of us had jobs for about 4 months. It was one of the happiest memories. We didn't have much money but we spent so much time together and made so many lasting memories. That is how I am looking at this right now - just some time we will get together because soon enough Will will be back to work and gone 5 days a week for 50 hours. We will enjoy him here while we can. :) Some say that is an all-too optomistic attitude, but hey you gotta look on the bright side. :)

P.P.S. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Will wrote a post yesterday about how he was laid off.

P.P.P.S. I obviously must be either typing super fast or I am tired because I made a LOAD of spelling errors in this post. But I am not fixing them. :)


Chelle said...

We had a lesson about change on Sunday in YW. We all know that there's a purpose for change, whether it is big or small. The thing that the teacher brought home was that your attitude is the only thing you can control - and can make or break you. So, kudos for keeping a positive outlook! Good luck with the job hunt - we'll keep you in our prayers.

Janna G said...

Sorry about Wills job. But I do know how you feel. Just be glad that you are not 5 months pregnant with your next child and just spent all your savings on a van cause you thought that your job was solid. Any way I am glad that you are looking on the bright side. Things will work out for the best they always do. Heavenly Father has a way for those who are faithful.

Daniel L.Thomas said...

Jenni, I think the saddest part of your post was the fact that I got to the very bottom and realized that if there were any typos...I missed all of them. Either you're good at making words look like they are spelled correctly or I'm a terrible reader. Either way, you three look happy.

carlen said...

oh cute preston! how can anything sound discouraging when it comes from you! your mom and dad are lucky to have you for you remind them of the things that are most important! and YOU are lucky to have frugal, wise, intelligent parents who will weather this just fine! we'll keep you all in our prayers!

Sandy said...

I'm with Daniel. I didn't see any typos but then I was busy reading. Is that a good excuse not to see them? I think you did great with the blog. I was almost crying before I got through it so I went back and looked at your wonderful pictures. Now I feel better!!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hurray for Preston. I can't believe he is sitting up now. Before I even get to see him again he'll probably be walking. It's crazy how fast they grow.

I'm so glad you guys are looking forward to the time together.

I plan on going to the temple this week and I'll make sure to put your names on the prayer roll.

Spencer and Celeste said...

Very sorry to hear about the bad news. We're being crunched quite a bit lately ourselves. You're both excellent people, and it's apparent that good will come of this, in the right time. Will, the Lord is telling you that you need to run less and mountain bike more.