Monday, November 3, 2008

Recommended New CD!

I'm so happy today. I got a new CD in the mail today that I have been so excited about for months and months.

My very dear friend Lori-ann Cunningham (goes by Lori Cunningham professionally), has just released her debut album Unseen. She is not only stunning to look at, but she has a very powerful set of vocal cords as well. Lori-ann, like me, records and writes much of her music from her own studio at home. And like me, she is also a mom - so I personally know what a big deal it is to have something like this accomplished while taking care of a family. (not that it isn't hard without kids, it was still hard for me for my first CD and I didn't have Preston yet, but I am getting a taste of how hard it is for my upcoming Lullaby album).

That picture above was Lori-ann and I at my Salt Lake City concert last November. After my concert, she came up and sang O Holy Night with me at that piano (a version I had written). She did it completely from memory and just belted it out and even hit all of the high E flats. The girl is simply amazing.

I recommend checking out her website, myspace page, or ourstage page. Her music has a classical element to it, but is very downtempo/ambient/techno/dance.

Congrats Lori-ann! I'm so proud of you!


Kate said...

I love the cover! I'll have to check this out- sounds interesting!

Lori-ann said...

Wow Jenni... I'm speechless. Thank you. :) This was so incredibly nice for you to do! I love being your friend, you know that? Thanks. And you're amazing too - don't ever forget that!

Lovndmusic said...

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