Friday, November 21, 2008

Musical Storytime

Yes, it would appear that Preston is outgrowing his infant carseat already at 5 months. But that is not what this about...

Last week I decided that Preston was old enough to take to the local library for storytime. We've tried or own storytime, but all he wants to do is eat the book. So I figured if we went to a storytime where there were lots of other kids, and the book was a good 10 feet away from him - he might actually get something out of it.

Lucky for us, our town's library was actually the only library in the entire county that hosts a storytime for ages newborn - 12 months. Perfect!

Being that it started at 10am, I decided to for-go the shower and just get dressed and go. So I got Preston ready, and myself and we were out the door by 9:45 a.m. Pretty early for us, being that I usually spend half of my nights up with him.

We arrived and found ourselves amidst an entire Montessory Preschool group, plus a ton of other moms and little kids. I was kind of nervous, because this wasn't only Preston's first library storytime, but mine as well.

We went in and found a seat. I guess for being for "newborn to 12 months", we were a minority. The woman next to me whispered, "It's a special storytime. It's not usually musical."

Ahhh, that would explain it.

Talk about deja vu.

About 3 years ago, I worked as an educator for the Seattle Symphony and part of what I got to do was musical storytime on Saturday mornings for kids. I got to play my violin, and the piano and sing, and read stories. It was pretty cool...for an adult job.

Although, I didn't dress like this. There were definitely:

Aside from fact that I couldn't help critiquing their odd minorkeyed versions of nursury rhyme favorites and noticing the tiny environmentalistic plugs in their music to not chop down too many trees or eat too many fish or polute too much water, they were pretty fun.

I think Preston enjoyed it.
He really dug the music, the laughter, watching kids jump up and down, the hoola-hoop being tossed around, and particularly me helping him do the hand motions. He was good for about 40 min, and then started to do the whole arching-of-the-back and being distracted by everything. We left 10 min early because he was about to break out in full-blown crying if we didn't jet. That and the fact that the smell of his poopy diaper was driving me crazy.

But we will do it again. :) Storytime, not the poopy diaper. Well, actually we will most definitely do the poopy diaper again too.

Afterwards we met my friend Erika at the mall and went to Nordstrom Rack and Osh Kosh BGosh. Then we ate gyros at the Greek bar and the woman there told me in a thick Greek accent that my baby looked like an adorable little girl.

"Ohhh that's so nice, he's actually a boy."

"No he looks like a girl. Just like you! Mom and daughter."

Haha okay.


Leslie said...

Oh! I love story time. I take my little one there and she usually has a good time. I'm glad you guys were able to find one in your area. I have to say that some people are a little strange. Saying your boy looks like a girl? I had hair clips in my daughters hair when she was younger and she had on purple or pink and some people would say "Oh...isn't HE so cute?" LOL I don't understand it. You have a very cute boy though. Hope you're feeling better! :)

Mama Dew said...

Yeah! We are huge fans of the baby storytime at the library.

Lisita said...

I took MG to storytimes at that age - we love it!

Justin and Olya said...

story times- aren't they great? I really see the difference too in my kids when we do those all the time. And I get the girl comments on by boy all the time! You'd think people would look at what they are dressed in, don't you?

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

That sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to do story time with my kids. Preston is super cute. I wish I could see Preston and Jace at Christmas time. Maybe next summer.

Lori-ann said...

Story time and my kids... not a good combination. Mine were always the one running up and climbing all over the table and touching the props and stuff. Ugh - what's wrong with my kids? Is it just mine?