Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Side by Side

I thought it would be fun to see comparisons side by side of Will and I as babies next to Preston. It was hard, but I tried to find photos where we were posed simularly. And not to mention, finding photos where we were around the same ages was difficult too, so they are not exact. In fact, I think one of Will at the bottom was of him at 1 year of age.

This first set is Preston side by side with me as a baby.
(Top: Preston at 2 weeks, Jenni at 1 month)
(Bottom: Preston at 5 months, Jenni at 3 months)

Next is Will side by side with Preston.
(Top: Preston at 4 months, Will at 5 months)
(Bottom: Preston at 4 months, Will at 1 year)

Definitely not the mailman's baby. :)


Steve and Tammy said...

Not the mailman's baby? Jenni, was that a possibility? 8^O

Babies are cute, no matter whose they are :)

NelsonFam said...

Wow! One of those pictures looks exactly like Jace (at least I thought so).

I can't believe it seems like he looks entirely like you and entirely like Will at the same time. Is that possible?

Will and Heidi said...

Hey, definitely a resemblance there

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! THe first set you next to Preston looks exactly the same! If i hadn't known better I would've said that you guys where twins!

Anonymous said...

He definitely leans towarsd his mother-lucky guy! :) N

The High Family said...

I've said from the first picture you posted after Preston was born, that he was an wonderful combination of the both of you! He still is...what a handsome little guy. My little Ryan is the same way...looks like me and Chris all rolled up in one.

Don't we produce the cutest kiddies?!! ;)

Cupcake Dreamer said...

I definitely see Will in Preston, but I also clearly see you. Especially in the pictures of Preston side by side to Will in the facial shot.

I love these pics!

I'm also researching your cake situation. I can't wait for this challenge.

mbishopp said...

you are right, the pic of Will in the high chair looks like my Alexander. WEIRD! :)
It must be the eye's.

mbishopp said...

ok, i just read your seattle symphony post and it reminded me of my post from last night. I am so sorry for your crazy day and sympathize with you!

Also, is your song in the trailer of the ski movie, how can i hear it?

jensenfam4 said...

Will and Jen, Preston is gorgious. Looks like you guys are having fun w/ him. He looks a lot like the both of you.. I can't really pin point it ;)