Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And Now For the Maincourse and Dessert

I gave you the tidbit yesterday. Now it's time for the main course and dessert.

You should know first off that this post has a bajillion pictures. So you might as well just let it upload for a minute while you go check your email - Hehe.

Okay, Back already?

Preston is looking at me like "Mommy, you are not allowed to blog today. You are supposed to be practicing, doing yesterday's dishes, taking care of daddy cuz he's got a cold, you need to exercise and more importantly play with me! agooooo boo boo jibber jabber..."

Well, he does have a point.

Okay, so you want to hear about our Thanksgiving? Let's cover that first.

Preston experienced his

And now we want one. He loved being up high with the rest of us.

Will and Preston enjoyed many jogs together over the weekend.

My Dad enjoyed

while I worked on creating a website for him. Check it out - It's not finished yet though. But you can somewhat see my hardwork. And his too. :)

My mom and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, although I have to say she did most all of it. I only did the potatoes.

Our turkey was on the larger side.

And as always, Mom's table looked great. Very festive.

We really enjoyed


All weekend long, Preston and Will got

and some Mommy time too.

I bjorned him a lot, although he is

And of course we had to get family pictures taken in front of the fireplace.

Preston was just loved by everyone. Anyone who saw and met him over the weekend usually either made comments about his beautiful red hair, or that he was a "very healthy baby". Ha! Yes....we do have a chunky monkey. :) VERY healthy. and strong too. Holy cow.

He also got


Well, we shall now tell you about the night Preston got sick. It was so sad. :(

Grandma was just trying to be a good grandma and introduce Preston to new foods. Solids mostly, to perhaps help him sleep through the night, thus, helping us parents out as well.


I sat there thinking to myself..."hmmm that is probably not a good idea." Preston has only had applesauce, and only on very rare occassions.


But with

and a mug like this:

We laughed and thought it was cute.

Later that evening while we were at a church holiday party and got to

Preston began to

You could see he was

He was getting restless so Will walked around with him. A few minutes later I hear Preston coughing and Will taking him into the mens restroom.

This picture was taken

He wasn't just spitting up. He was vomitting - the sort that you do when you have the stomach flu. We had to hold him over the sink while he threw up. We basically just stayed with him in the Mother's Nursing Room until he got most of it out. It broke my heart watching him though. His face would turn all red and his eyes would get big. You could see how confused and scared he was.

We left the party early and I sat in the backseat with him on the way back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. He started throwing up again while he was in his carseat and choking on it. I unbuckled him as fast as I could and took him out and turned him over so he could get it all out. After that he let out a very exhausted cry and fell asleep in my arms within a matter a seconds. His little body was so weak. Preston usually never falls asleep in anyone's arms without a fight (he is a spirited kid).

I slept with him all night long. I was too afraid that he would start throwing up again and choke on it. He only threw up once more after the car incident (mostly just stomach bile) and the next morning he woke up with a smile and was

The little guy will be sticking to a breastmilk-only diet for a while longer until Mommy feels he is ready.

We drove back home on Monday with just enough time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate it before my student piano party on Tuesday.


I won't name any names but...

Because he

But Preston had fun watching me put the ornaments on while he sat and ate the popouts from his book.

Will refers to these jammies as his "Who" pjs. As in the little Who's from The Grinch.

Eventually we got the

And things organized for

I made

And what party would be complete without

We went over the recital agenda, talked about ediquette, played games and then my students

and then

And that's all.

Oh, wait. One more tidbit. I just finished writing my first article for Music Teacher Helper's Blog. I am a contributing author. I wrote about different personality types and teaching. If you would like to read - here's the link.



Lori-ann said...

Poor, poor, poor kid! That's why it is HIGHLY recommended now to wait until a baby is at least 6 months old to introduce solid foods, and then one item at a time for a few days to see if there's an allergic reaction, because their systems are underdeveloped and can't handle it. Oh, I bet that broke your heart!

Give the little guy a hug for me.

Your mom's spread looked absolutely wonderful. We never, ever decorate our tables... can't even imagine what that would be like, lol! Ah - the times with toddlers.

Carolyn said...

Goodness, Jenni, you make it sound like I stuffed Preston full of food! He had a total of 6 bites of rice cereal, maybe 4 bites of squash (not sweet potatoes) and 1 bite of potatoes....I think you were the one who fed him most of the potatoes!

Lori-ann said...

Haha! Now the other side comes out! That is TOO funny.


Carolyn said...

You forgot to mention the reflexology/foot massage that you received! It was supposed to be mine, but I let you have it instead......oh the things mothers do for their children!

Jenni said...

Ok ok ok Mommmm. Yes I did feed Preston a couple of tiny TINY tiny bites of mashed potatoes from my finger. Not even a spoonful. It's fine!! I didn't know he was going to get sick like that.

Thanks for the foot massage too. :) I love you mom!! Now quit yelling at me on my blog. Hahahahahahahahaha hugs.

Jenni said...

That was meant with a smile, by the way. :) :) :) SEEE? :)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Your mom has the prettiest table decorations I have ever seen. I love all the pictures. Sorry Preston got sick. that's no fun.

Lisita said...

You are the coolest piano teacher, how fun! Hope Preston is feeling better! MG snuck some cranberry jello salad before we caught her at her first Thanksgiving (she was 3 months) and got a little sick too, no fun!

Heather said...

I thorougly enjoyed reading this post in Google Reader - Thank you thank you for doing that for me :)

I love your Christmas tree and Will can fake it when he is being a scrooge. Tom can't - he is a bah humbug this time of year too sometimes. Grinchy.

Preston is such a cute cute baby. Sorry he threw up - Grandmas do have good intentions :)

You are a wonderful piano teacher. Wow! Those kids don't know how lucky they are.