Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Dad is Taking the Plunge

Over the years, many people have asked us "Who takes all of your gorgeous photos?". When we explained that we have a very talented photographer in the family (my dad), the next question was always "Do you think he would be willing to take our pictures?"
And then the answer has always been "No."

You see, my dad has always been a hobbiest when it comes to photography and in my opinion way too humble about his work. He has often felt like he couldn't charge someone because he was afraid they wouldn't like it, or they wouldn't turn out very well. Silly I know!

That is...until this year. After the umpteenth person told him that his photography skills are amazing and way too good to just be a hobby, he finally got the courage to do it professionally. (I don't know why courage was ever needed since it is so obvious the man has SKILLS!)

So here I am to tell you that if you are one of those persons whom had asked in the past about hiring my Dad and he turned you down, well, he will probably change his answer now. :) Check out his website - you won't be sorry. Not only does he take pristine portrait photography, but even better his landscape is awe-inspiring.

Go ahead...check him out, and leave him a comment on his guestbook. It would make his day I promise. And if you want awesome photos, contact him.

And by the way, here are just a few samples of his work over the years that he has done for our family in particular:


Anonymous said...

Hey, your Dad does such a good job! Is the third pic on the top row at 4 springs park here on Camano? Just wondering =)

Jenni said...

Yes Heather, actually you are correct! It was the Four Springs Park - it is perfect for taking photos there. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's a great place for pictures! They've added a lot to that park.