Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thanksgiving Tidbit.





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Daniel L.Thomas said...

I soooo cannot wait to meet you Preston. we're going to party over Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why we had not heard all about your family adventures. You are a busy girl this week! Good luck with each of your performances I will be sending you all my good mojo!
Love ya-N

The Roundy's said...

I love all of the pictures you post on your blog! It is so much fun. I took a look at your dad's web site and it looks pretty good. Your dad is a great photographer. I wish he lived in UT so he could teach me.

A couple of quick comments: You should put the navigation at the top or on the side of all pages so you can go from Gallery to Contact to FAQ, etc. instead of having to go back to home. As well, I get a lot of 404 errors and you already have a coming soon page... so until you get each page up and running have the link on the navigation point to the coming soon page you already created.

Jenni said...

Thanks Shauna! Yeah the website is definitely not finished. There is a navigation bar along the bottom of each page so people can navigate back and forth. However, not all of the links are up and running yet. I just set up the website in a basic form (because I only had 3 days) and left it for my mom to finish. I'm going to spend one day next week on it with her though.

The pages with the 404 error are because nothing has been uploaded yet and the "coming soon" page is specifically for the portraits section so we couldn't put it on the other pages.

Thanks for your suggestions. Hopefully by next week the whole thing will be up and running and links will work etc. we just hoped with the "under construction" on the homepage would explain errors that people would get. I know my dad didn't want his galleries up and running yet until he had his shopping cart going (or else people might try to purchase and not be able to).