Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Inner Suzy-Homemaker Confessed.

Okay. I will make a confession now.

As long as I have always NOT wanted one of these because I feared I would turn into Suzy Homemaker, I have now changed my mind.

I want one.

Not to make quilts and blankets, (well wait maybe someday), but the reason behind wanting one is because I want to design and make my own versions of these:

I have been sketching dresses since I was a little girl.

Whenever I have an event, I come up with dresses in my head and then I go shopping for them and am disappointed that the store doesn't have what is in my head.

I love to find cute dresses that are too short and make them into long dress shirts or over-jeans tops. Or I will find sleeveless/lowcut dresses and add pieces onto them so they are wearable and not too showy.

I also find dresses and add beadwork or trimming to dress them up or change/update the style.
I sketched and designed my album cover dress, and have already designed my next album dress.

I want to WEAR the outfits in my head.

Okay next confession:

Someday, I want to devote an entire day to making these:

Freezer meals. Perfect for me when I'm lazy, perfect for Will when I'm not home or he doesn't want to cook, perfect for when we're sick and don't feel like cooking. Just perfect.

My problems:

I don't know how to sew.

And I have no idea where to start or how to make freezer meals. Do I freeze them raw or cooked? Do I use tupperwares or do those expand?

Someday I will conquer these.

But for now, just call me Suzy Homeamaker Wanna-Be.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I want to be a suzy-homemaker wanna be too. The fozen dinners is something i've been wanting to do for a long time. I think someday we should get together and make a bunch of frozen dinners to share. Anyone else interested?

Marissa and Scott said...

Such a cute post. I would totally buy your dresses. I hate shopping for evening wear especially because most things aren't modest enough and most designers seem to equate modesty with "frumpy". Danggit! So get on it - I'll be one of your best clients. :)

The Thomas Family said...

I hear ya! I'm right there with ya on both of those. I could totally see you as a designer.You have a great eye.You are very good at making anything and everything beautiful.

Annalea said...

Two words for you on dinner: Leeann Ely. She's the Dinner Diva, and is awesome. She also has a bunch of info on freezer meals. :o)

And I don't know if I could afford one of your dresses, but I'll bet I would love them. :o) Hmmmm . . . what about designing patterns? ;o)

Mama Dew said...

Hahaa, good luck with both of those. And it's never a bad idea to be creative - even if you give it that "name".

Jenni said...

Annalea - thanks for the link! I will def check that out!

Suguturaga's said...

I love sewing machines too. Tessha actually gave me hers and just last Saturday I sat down and tried to make this cute little girl's dress. IT was a disaster and so I am going back to Jo-anns to get more fabric and will try it again. I'm really terrible at it but I love trying to be crafty. I actually end up wasting more money though. Go Susie Homemaker. I would love to sit at home and cook and sew all day. Aaahhh. the life. :)