Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

Guess who's birthday it is today???...

This one's!

William Edgar Thomas was born July 1, 1978 in Blackfoot, Idaho. He is Dan and Sandy Thomas's 3rd child (out of 10).

Will told me a few days ago that for his birthday he wanted to "Go to the Enchantments". If you are like me, you are probably sitting there dumbfounded and thinking that he wanted to go to some chickflick at the movie theater right?

Well apparently "The Enchantments" are a bunch of lakes in the Cascade Mountains - a very beautiful area that to camp there you have sign up, like a year in advance, because they only allow a certain number of people back in there. But you CAN hike in there, as long as you're outta there by nightfall.

So as part of Will's 31st birthday this week, I'm allowing him to go hiking and running as much to his little heart's contentment.

So far this week:
  • Monday - evening hike up Mt. Si.
  • Tues - hike with the boyscouts.
  • Wed morn - a long run in the a.m.
  • Thurs - hike Tiger mt with the guys. And finally
  • Friday (all day) - hiking The Enchantments.
But today, for his actual birthday, we're headed out to a nearby lake to throw the kayaks in and paddle around and then follow it up with a hike. (no need to hit the gym today LOL).

So here's Will, getting Preston more used to wearing his life jacket. He made him crawl around in it for about 20 minutes yesterday. I was laughing because it looked so funny.

The last time Preston wore it he hated it and screamed and threw a fit. So Will thinks if we can just get him acclimated to it he won't hate it as much. And yes I know they have those zip-up kinds that are better for kids, but those were $50 and this one was $10.

(You'll have to excuse our messy bedroom - it was laundry day)

Happy Birthday Will!

You are the best husband I could have asked for, and the most wonderful father to Preston. You take care of our family so well, and we love you!!


Janna G said...

Happy Happy Birthday Will!

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Will...can't think of a more beautiful place to spend your b-day than out in the gorgeous lakes and forests of the Pacific Northwest. Have fun!

carlen said...

HBD, will! i did in fact know about the enchantments (surprise surprise)! a favorite of Matt's too!

Lori-ann said...

Happy Birthday, Will!!! Sounds like you have a TERRIFIC week planned.

DWT said...

Happy Birthday Will!

Seth Thomas said...


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Happy Happy Birthday Will. I think your birthday present is pretty cool. We can't wait to be back in the North West with you guys.

Dan Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, Like Jenni said you are the best!