Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preston is Walking!

Well, sort of. I can say that he can walk on his own, unassisted, for great lengths (from the living room to the kitchen) before tripping and fumbling to the floor. It's soooooo cute!! He gets so excited too. Everytime he walks, he giggles and screams and his little hands move around and he looks at us like "Look at me!! Woohoo!!"

We can credit his recent walking braveness to a prop, that came home by way of our favorite place - Costco. Check out the video below - which was taken yesterday. Since this video, he has upgraded to a large green bin which he loves to push around, and lets go and walks unassisted whenever possible.

Pretty soon...the crawling thing will be slower than walking.


Suguturaga's said...

That is so awesome. Let the fun begin!!! Sitani fell over so many times and always had bruises on his forhead. I think his head was too big for his body. Good luck Preston. It is so fun when they start walking.

Heather said...

YAY Preston!! That's so cool!!! Congrats little man!!

Jenni- I read your post about your little accident. (Car) I'm taking drivers ed and there's soooooo much to learn about cars and driving, things just happen. Like a few weeks ago that most accidents are collisions, I learned that accidents and collisions are two separate things and yeah. Anyhow, driving is hard and it takes many years to be a good driver. (: I'm sure you're a perfectly fine driver...haha.

Oh since I'm in the mood for talking about cars and driving...well back in 05' when my Mom got her 2005 Yukon she bought it brand new, 2005 and got it August of 2005. Brand new 60 thousand dollar car, so the very second day she lent it to my older sister because she needed to take the horses to the farrier to get their feet done...well she parked and the farrier ran right into my Moms car. Hit the bumper and dented it bad!! My Mom was the madest I've ever seen her, but he paid for it and it looked just fine once it was all good again.

So yeah. Me telling you about my moms car accident thing had nothing against you or anything...I'm just in the talking mode right now LOL.

I hope you and your family are doing well and I am going to order the new album!! Woot!