Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Many Adventures of Will

I know my Will is not the best at blogging. It's not that he doesn't want to, it's just that he takes so long to compose a blog post (because he does a little bit at a time), that by the time it gets around to being's like a month or two after the fact.

So this is where I, his faithful wife, steps in and helps him out a bit. Plus I want to brag about him a little.

Will, stop blushing.

So, yesterday Will ran 50 miles. He competed in the White River 50 mile Endurance Run. He informed me of his entrance into the race about 2 days before the race. He hadn't run a race in over 2 months because of a foot injury, so I was a little concerned.

He turned out to be fine though. He forgot to mention to me that it was the USA Track/Field 50 Mile National Trail Running Championships. So there were a lot of big-named runners there.

He was really cute, almost star-struck. To him, these runners are celebrity-status. He would say to me "See that guy in the orange shirt? Do you remember the documentary we watched with the guy who ran the Pacific Crest Trail? Yep...that's him. And see the guy over there with the long hair? That's Scott Jurek. He won the Western States (a 100 mile race) 7 times in a row."

Here is a little video from his finish yesterday. It's just a short clip, and after it are 2 more clips from the adventure he had the weekend previous to this race. I'll tell you about that in a second.

So yeah, last weekend Will and about 7 other guys summitted Mt. Rainier, which is just right under 14,500 feet high. I'll let him (someday) fill you in on all of the details of that trip, but aside from his camera being too cold to work at the top, the entire experience was great.

I included those two video clips because they were my favorite :) With the flowers and waterfall and all.

And last but not least, here is Preston at Will's race yesterday. We made a special onesie to show our support for Dad. Everyone there kept commenting on how cute he was and how they loved his t-shirt.

At the end of August, Will might be acting as a "pacer" for a runner who is competing in the Cascade Crest Trail 100 mile race. Will is going to help him out towards the end of the race by helping him keep pace. This fellow is coming all the way across the country to compete in the race, and Will says that he has won several big races and even set course records. There is a good chance he could win the Cascade Crest race, so Will is pretty excited to get to be his pacer.

Anyway, this is why I love this man! We are both very ambitious about our hobbies and I love how we always support each other 100%. I go to all of Will's races, Will comes to my concerts. It's a nice life.


Sandy said...

You are both amazing! and a picture perfect match. We love you!

Tessha Thomas said...

Way to go, Will.

Lori-ann said...

LOVE the shirt! Will is nuts - but I always say that. You guys are the best support system. :) Way to go, Will!!!