Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Like it Hot

But we don't.

Seattle reached it's all-time high temperature this week of 105 degrees with between 20-30% humidity. That might not seen like a whole lot of humidity, but trust is felt.

Only about 5% of homes in the Seattle area are built with in-home air conditioning. There have been lines of people from about 5 a.m. outside Home Depot, Costco, and other stores who sell air conditioning units. Most have had to take a ticket and wait a few days for the next shipment to come in. We've also seen people selling fans out of the back of their pickup truck.

We are used to summertime temperatures of 70-80 degrees, rain, and partly cloudy. This week has been killin' us all!

Here is how we've been handling the past few days...

Let me give you a closeup of that sweaty face...

Given that the inside temperature of our house was 93 degrees (aside from the master bedroom where we had the A/C unit blowing cool air), Preston and I decided to venture out into bigger air-conditioned grocery stores.

While at said grocery store, Preston (being on the ball-kick that he's been on) pointed at balloons and called them balls. He pointed at signs and said "Ball", people's items in thier cart were "ball", and the cantelope that I was just about to purchase that he picked up and threw on the ground he declared that it was too, a "ball".

In Preston's short life, we have never actually purchased him any toys.

We've had kind friends who have given us toys that thier children no longer use, like little race cars, stuffed animals, fire trucks, and...yes balls. Because of this generosity, we have a huge green bin full of toys that Preston digs into every day and has fun with. He also has fun with boxes, tupperwares, water bottles, books, etc.

However, on our grocery store trip, I decided it was time I finally broke down and bought our son his first toy from Mommy and Daddy.

That ball that you see in the photos above and below, was from Albertsons. $1.50 worth of hours of joy and giggles.

This was us last evening, finally deciding to get out of the house and hit the beach. We went to Lake Sammamish State Park and enjoyed the breeze coming off of the water. The water temperature itself was like a swimming pool.

Like the little bum crack? I do.

Here is a cute video of Preston and his ball...and a few other clips from yesterday at the beach.


Marissa and Scott said...

Such cute pictures! Poor Preston with is bright red face. Glad you have a/c in at least one room. :) OH: What did you think of the Bachelorette finale? :)

Carolyn said...

I'm glad that you were able to cool off somewhat at the lake. It's 101 degrees in Pendleton, but it's a dry heat, so it somewhat tolerable.

Preston, brin your ball to grandma's house, and let's play!

Lori-ann said...

Preston's poor red face! And I thought that was water on his head, not sweat. Was he really sweating that much?

The ball is too cute. But what's even cuter is him toddling around. LOVE the butt picture.

Even now we don't have to spend much on toys. My older two took the most recent box from the case of apples I got on Saturday, decorated it, put it over their heads, and pretended to be robots. My, how they amuse themselves!

Kawika and Aly and Emma said...

We totally hear ya!! Vancouver also had record breaking heat and we too do not have in-home air conditioning! It's miserable! We don't even have a portable one...thank heavens we have a pool in our complex and they keep the water fairly cool.

I am grateful the heatwave will be passing VERY, because our nights have been SO miserable!!

Just remember, this too shall pass!

Tessha said...

You guys sure have fun one what or the other. The music with the video was perfect.

Tessha said...

one way or the other.