Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween's Past

I thought it would be ultra entertaining for you to see some of our Halloweens pasts. There are lots of old goodies in here. (I couldn't find many of Will's old costume pictures, but there is a goodie in here'll see it).

The order of these picures are as random as this post is.

This lovely gem below is Will and I's first Halloween together. We actually won 1st prize for our costumes. We were just barely engaged at the time. We stuffed a pillow in my butt, socks in my bra, Will stuffed a pillow in his shirt...and we were stunning. Love my hot pink cheeks and lips?

This one is me, as a ballerina, with two of my brothers. Ninja hi-ya! And an Arabian Shiek.

This was me during my first year of college. I played in the symphony orchestra and every year they did a Halloween concert. The first year I was Miss America. Yes I made my own sash. The only thing I wish I would have done better was had bigger hair.

Yet another fab Halloween concert at school - the following year. My friend Mel and I borrowed costumes from the theater department in the 18th century era and just, well, felt pretty. My hoop skirt knocked over someone's music stand on stage because of how huge it was.

Okay here's the gem:

That was actually not Halloween, but Will and his roommy Nate running in the Portland Starlight Run, which requires costumes. He ran a 5k in CLOGGING SHOES. Yes, he was sore for about a week and now his clogging shoes are trashed. (he used to clog when he was in college. Oh oops sorry Will!! Was I not supposed to say that? :)

Below: This one below was when I was living in Provo. That's me and my totally fun awesome roommate Veronica, and uh, exboyfriend Chris (on the left, he was Icabod Crane). We were Renaissance Maidens. Oh oh oh!! And the costume that Veronica is wearing I actually sewed! Myself! Yep one of my only past sewing projects thank you very much.

Okay this fun one was a YSA Halloween dance in 2003. I had just met Will at this time but he was living in Portland, and I was up here in Seattle. So he's not in any of these photos. I was a gypsy. The easiest costume ever I might add. Big jewelry, and scarves.

Michelle you should get a good laugh out of these because here's your hubby as the hulk!

Okay next. Me as I was meant to be - an angel. Awwe. sigh. LOL kidding. But yeah, here's me at yet another Halloween symphony concert. This one was 2002.

And last but not least, this was us last year. I was a beauty school dropout, Will was my client, and Preston was a duck. Or a chicken. No, wait, he was a duck (Noelle, I still need to give you your costume back!)

What will the Thomas family be tonight???....Well, Preston's going to be an elephant. And as far as I know, we're just chillin' this Halloween :)

Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy or it'll rot your teeth out.


Carolyn said...

I guess I'll have to post the picture of you and Michael as Martians!

Dan Thomas said...

I like the ones best that have Preton in them. He is so cute.

Jenni said...

Mom I just added one! But couldn't find the one as martians...darnitt. LOL

Sandy said...

What a cute post and it wasn't even really scary.

Brian & Veronica said...

Jenni, AWESOME! haha. thanks for including me, LOL WHY IS MY HEAD COCKED?? Makes me look like a pear head. . . haha. Seriously, you rock! You're so festive and involved. LOVE IT! V