Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's

My parents live about an hour and a half northwest of us. It's not exactly a short trip, but not like Utah or anything like that either.

To make it worth our while, we sometimes just go up for the entire weekend.

It's a great trade-off, because my parents get to see their only local grandchild, while we get to have free babysitters so that we can actually go out on a date night.

{Friday Night Date Night}

consisted of: spending an hour discussing what we wanted to do, not agreeing on it, and then agreeing, then changing our minds and then coming back the first idea that we had from the very beginning: Quizno Subs and a movie.

Plus Halloween snack size candy bars that we loaded into my coat pockets and snuck into the movie "The Invention of Lying".

It was loads of fun.

The best part was reminiscing about our very first date, which was almost 6 years ago to the day. We remembered how lucky we were to find each other and how all of the events leading up to our meeting were in the hands of God and timed down to the minutes in some circumstances.

Do you want to know about our very first phone conversation ever?

Will called my parents'phone (I was living with my parents at the time as I had just moved home from Utah). Expecting the phonecall from Will, I jumped up and ran down the hallway, in my socks on a slippery wood floor, to answer the phone.

Will remembers me coming to the phone laughing and the first thing I said to him, the very first time he EVER heard my voice, was me saying, "(laughing) Did you hear that??! (laughing some more)". Will: "No...what?" Me: "I totally just slipped and fell on my rear as I was turning a corner at highspeeds, in my socks, on our wooden floor to answer the phone."

And thus began a beautiful relationship.


Saturday, we went to the beach.

I grew up on Camano Island, and only recently have they added the most delightful state park. Well, they already had a state park, but this one is super duper better.

They have....duh duh duh....CABINS. For super affordable rentals too. With fun activites, crafts, boats to rent, library, games, you name it.

So went and checked it all out.

Preston's new winter jacket seems to a little long in the arms, a little short in the waist, and takes a mom and a grandma to put him in it.

Okay seriously the most embarrassing part of the day, was when Preston and I decided to go swing on the swings.

I was swinging, he was on my lap.

Little did I know how impossible it was to hang onto the swing with one hand while using my other hand to scoot Preston up higher onto my lap.

Yep, just like a clumsy kid on the playground, we fell backwards out of the swing. I hit my noggin, Preston got a little bonk to his head as well. He cried. I wanted to.

Our rescuer was a kind little 11 year old boy who, with huge wide eyes said,"Are you guys okay??! WHOA! I just did that last week on the same swing, only I did 2 flips and then fell on my head".


Anyone up for an inexpensive beach vacation, meet us at the Cama Beach State Park sometime. We'd love to. Thanks for asking.

Another new blog below for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Preston.


Aby Runyan said...

What did you think of "The Invention of Lying"? I really wanted to see it but then my bro and sis in law went to it and walked out because they thought it was sacrileges. Is it?

Yes, yes I would like an inexpensive beach vacation. Don't tempt me, we may just join you there sometime!

luvs, aby

DWT said...

Oh Man! Totally wish we could make a weekend trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's. The swing boy - hil-ar-i-ous!

The High Family said...

OMG. I totally know where we are going on our next vacation!!! Seriously, those pics are GORGEOUS!

Sorry to hear about your accident and your poor thumb! Maybe you just bruised the bone? Hope it heals quickly! (hugs!)

Dan Thomas said...

Looks like you had a fun time on the Island. I wish we could see your home again. I love it there. Maybe next summer.

Kristi said...

Wow. I wanna go on a date night too. Well not with will but I mean an actual date with my hubby, too. That sounds fun. I love all your photos. Preston is adorable. and can I just say that we LOVE your Lullaby CD. My kids sleep to it every night and then I play it in my classroom at least two times a day. WE are excited to see you guys at THanksgiving.

Justin and Olya said...

Jenni, you've lost a TON of weight! Ditch the scale ! Seriously!