Friday, October 16, 2009

The Maestro Refuses to Play.

Early yesterday afternoon, Sir Preston was sitting so cutely upon the piano bench, tinkling away at the ivories so excitedly...

When I thought to grab my camera so that I could capture his absolute cuteness forever.

And this is what I got instead:

That is "the face".

It is Preston's trademark weird mouthy thing that he does. It makes him so incredibly, um, him.

Upon further coaxing from his nagging mother to smile and look at the camera, he did this:

I just heard you go "Awwwwe".

Don't let that cuteness fool you. He wasn't actually sad in that photo. (although he may have been sad about the stye on his eye).

He. Just. Wanted. DOWN.

The End.


The Thomas Family said...

He's getting so big! His little personality sounds fun. I can't wait to get Preston and Noah together. I have a feeling those two are going to be good buddies.

Sandy said...

It's never quite the what you expect but it's always good.

Tessha said...

When you come for Thanksgiving we'll have to find the picture of Will making those same lips.