Thursday, March 4, 2010

He FINALLY said it.

Today will go down as a monumental day in our family history.

For the past umpteen months, we've been trying to teach Preston to say the word "Please". He has had absolutely no interest in saying it. And it really grates on our nerves when he wants something and he yells out a big "Eh!" with as much demand as a 20 month old could possibly muster. If he would only just say please it would lessen the forcefulness of his demands by a lot, and help us as parents not feel like we are his servants. :p

Well this morning I was cleaning the kitchen and he was in his highchair eating some goldfish. He was doing his usual "Eh!!" and pointing to something that he wanted. I had already stopped cleaning several times to get things for him or help him do something, and I just really wanted to get the dishes finished.

So I said, in sort of an elevated tone, "Preston, can you use your words please?"

A few seconds went by....

And then I hear this big "Peeeeas?" come out.

It was definitely a "please" and the FIRST time he had ever said it.

I turned around with a HUGE smile on my face and I said, "Did you just say please??" and I walked over and gave him a big hug and got him what he wanted.

A few minutes later, he was pointing to something else he wanted and saying "Eh!" and again I said "Use your words, okay?". And again he said a big "PEEEASE?"

It was by far cute. And I'm so proud of him today.


Carolyn said...

Those are the moments that you makes all the trials of being parent, worth it!

Yea Preston!!

Daniel L.Thomas said...

We'll send you our girls so they can get some training. Maybe, Dalynn needs to send me.

Marissa and Scott said...

How cute! Definitely melts your heart when they start being polite about their demands. :)

Sandy said...

Isn't it fun to watch them grow up~ even in the little things? Good job Jenni! Good job Preston!!

Steve said...


That's a big one. But watch out, just around the corner is the heart-breaking lesson you will have to learn as a parent: Saying "No" even when they say please.

Of course, hopefully, he won't start asking for things you have to deny him for a little while longer, yet.

I hate telling Cordelia "No" when she's being cute and fun and saying please... but dog gone it, midnight is midnight, and you just can't stay up any later!!! :)

Tessha said...

Hip hip horray for such marvelous progress Preston.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

YOU DID IT! Way to go Preston! We love you so much. Way to go Big boy.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Don't you just love those moments?

Karen said...

We taught my two year old grandson, Tate, to sign "please" and "thank you," he just can't pronounce the words. He still can't get those words out, but he did just learn to say "Why???" which made the grandparents really laugh because now the fun begins!! He has mastered Mommy for his mother and Ma for me. And Dadum for his father which must be because he is Tatum! Dadum/Tatum...makes sense to me.