Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day.

Tomorrow is the day when this little growing peanut in my tummy will (hopefully) gain a more definitive identity.

Tomorrow is the day we have our 18 week ultrasound and we hope to find out if it is a boy or a girl.
It's been guestimated at my 12 week ultrasound that it is going to be a boy, but again, 12 week ultrasounds are not as accurate as 18 week ultrasounds.

So we shall see. At about 3:00pm tomorrow afternoon.

Will Preston be a big brother or a big sister?

Of course he'll be a big brother, silly. Haha.

I will be expecting it to be a boy, but sort of hoping for a girl. But either way, I'm excited. We both are. And Preston is too, he just doesn't know it yet.


Sandy said...

So, let's see... girl? boy? It's nice when they first two are the same so you already have clothes, etc. And they get to be real good friends, but... it's just as nice to have one of each. Let's see...?
I will be home so CALL me, please. I'm excited too!!

Carolyn said...

Yes, Jenni, you had better CALL me too!

Jenni said...

Thanks for your comments moms! It feels like nobody reads or comments anymore. it's nice to know somebody is! LOL :)

Tessha said...

This is very exciting. The grandma's are on stand by it sounds like.

Lori-ann said...

yeah, and they want you to actually CALL them! Hmm... maybe they know your aversion to the phone.