Thursday, February 17, 2011

6 Months

Guess who turned 6 months old today?

Yup! Our little Taylor man.

(Above: August 17th - his birthday)

(Below: 1 month old - Sept 17th - at my friend's wedding)

(Below: about 2 months old (Oct. 16th) - at the Pumpkin Patch)

(Below: 3 months old - Nov 17th)

(Below: almost 4 months old - Dec 12th)

(Below: 5 months old - Jan 17th)

6 months old!
(these pics were taken a few days ago....Feb 14th)

and he's eating some solids now! Yippee!

We gave him some rice cereal for the first time (in those pics) a few days ago, and he wasn't so sure what to think of it. But since then, he's had rice cereal twice and also some peas. He really loved the peas and I practically couldn't get it shovelled into his mouth fast enough. He seems to have gotten the hang of eaten from a spoon pretty quickly too.

Some of Taylor's skills are:

- Sitting up unassisted (he's been doing this since he was 4 and 1/2 months old, crazy early huh!)
- Grabbing objects (and he's fast too)

- Being very vocal

- Great eye contact

- Smiles a ton! All the time

- Being a super happy baby, except when it's the middle of the night
Stuff he loves to do:
- Watch Preston
- Grab Preston, touch Preston
- Snuggle Mommy
- Grab your face and pull it towards him in a "I want your undivided attention" sort of way
- Squeals and screams
- Play peekaboo with a blanket
- Bounce on your knee
- Be thrown in the air (not all the way, we never let go)
- Be tickled!
- Play with his toes
- Chew on his fingers


Sandy said...

See if he likes squash. That was a hit with Will. He's so cute!

Carolyn said...

He has to be one of the happiest babies I have know......he's a smiler!

Dan Thomas said...

You had better be careful he may only be 6 months now but before you know it he will be going on a mission. (Especially as much as he watches Preston and his Dad and Grandpa Southworth!