Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our New Home

Whoa. So I just got a message from Google telling me that I've reached my total photo upload limit on Blogger, and I have to purchase additional storage if I want to upload any more photos. I knew this day might come, but didn't think it would be so soon.

So until I figure that little problem out, I won't be doing the 3 blogs I was planning to do tonight but just the one...About our NEW house.

Yes, please, after this applause dies down I will continue. Thank you.

Okay! So as you know, we moved 2 weeks ago. We have spent every single day, all day, and sometimes during the night unpacking and organizing. We figure the sooner we can get this place put together, the sooner we can resume our normal lives. We hope.

We're not done yet, but enough so that I could at least take some shots to give you an idea of where we moved to. However, silly me did not take any outdoor shots yet. So these are all just indoor. And I will confess that I've been taking them as the rooms are cleaned and organized - so some of them are daytime, and some are night just depending on when they were cleaned - Because I can guarantee that with a little hurricane running through the house (who shall not be named but starts with a capital "P"), the entire house is never EVER clean all at once.

Oh, and just a quick preface. This house is for sale - and we're renting it while it's on the market. It's owned by some friends of ours that I actually used to babysit for when I was in high school. Now their girls are off to college, and the parents relocated to Florida. Hence, the reason why the home is for sale. We've signed a year lease, or will move whenever it sells (whichever comes first). It worked out great for us because we didn't want anything binding right now, and it helps them out as well since they had to leave the house vacant to move to FL.

Okay, on with the tour...

Living Room

I'm actually going to be painting the walls in the living room to a dark beige color. And then I'll be sewing curtains as well - which will be my first sewing project since getting a sewing machine for Christmas (wish me luck). So if my curtains turn out horrible, you'll never see them on this blog. Haha. I know that we're just renting and what is the point to going to all the trouble - but I love to BEAUTIFY~! To me, it's worth the effort because I don't like living in an empty space. And I also don't mind painting or decorating. It's fun. :)

Also, I'd just like to say that that little black beauty of a piano is now all ours. After working hard at my music for the past 4 years, decent royalty payments have FINALLY started to come in as of late 2010 and it's been enough to finally purchase the piano (I'd been leasing it for 4 yrs). I just had it tuned today for the first time in 2 years and it sounds amazing.

Here is the view of the Entry Way from the stairs, which you can see into the living room again.

Here's the Dining Room - which you can access by way of the living room or kitchen.

Our hutch almost didn't clear the ceiling. Phew.

I love having a formal dining room. My decorating style is very much traditional with a touch of French Provincial - and I've been so excited to finally be able to have our formal table be just that - FORMAL. (it's been our "kitchen table" for the past 3 years).

Here is the Family Room.

It's nice having a closet in the family room - because we can store our movies and games right there (as well as toys). And Will and I are excited to be able to watch movies late at night again without fear of waking up the kiddos (since their bedrooms are upstairs).

The Kitchen...

I'm so pleased with my husband's taste in microwaves. He went and picked out that red beauty all by himself. Way to go babe!

Since we'd been using our formal dining room table as our "kitchen table" for the past few years, and now that it's in a dining room finally, we don't have a kitchen table anymore.


This is just a little half-bath downstairs...again...we're so excited to have more than one toilet. No more standing in line. ;)

This is the StairCase and Entry Way.

This is Taylor's Room...

Taylor has the far-most corner bedroom of the house, and it's over the garage. This way, he can sleep soundly while the rest of us make a bunch of ruckus.

These are all the same nursery decorations from when Preston was a baby, and now Taylor gets to use them. I have loved this nautical theme - and especially now that we're living on an island, it's very fitting. The seashells on his name plate are from this island as well.

Here is my Music Studio...which we just got finished today actually.

I actually painted those walls. Before, they were white with lots of dirty stains and with pink stenciled cats around the top of the baseboards. I just couldn't get past the cats and thought my creative side would be better nourished with some sort of color on the wall. And to also cover up those cats. Just thinking about them makes me sneeze.

I totally felt vain putting up those photos of myself. But this is the first time I've had an entire room to myself for a music studio and I wanted to put up some of the artwork from my debut album. Which, by the way, I'm so grateful to Will for allowing me to use the room for my studio. He totally could have used it for his office, but that's why he's the world's best husband. :)

And don't worry, there are other people on the wall besides me. Like, Rachmaninoff and Paderewski. Those are 1924 Steinway ads. The ads say that you can buy a Steinway for $875. they go for at least $60K and that's for a small one.

A nifty shelf to house CDs and mailers. Sooooo happy that I now won't have to go into the storage room every time I need to mail a CD out. It's like I have a little shipping station now.

This is the upstairs hallway bathroom, otherwise known as the kids' bathroom.

It's not finished yet...I have some little black frames that I'm going to hang. But first I need to get some photos printed. I want to put pics of the boys during bathtime in the photos (black and white), and then I have some lime green ribbon to hang them with as an accent color.

Here is Preston's Room...

Now, since we just moved all of Preston's bedroom items into Taylor's room (decorations, crib, dresser, and all), Preston's room is quite lacking in the decoration department so far. It's a work in progress, because where he used to have all the decorations, he now has none. Bare walls.

When we moved, Will bought Preston a Lightening McQueen (Disney Cars) Toddler Bed in order to make the transition into the new house (and a new bed) easier on him.

The first night was rough, as he got out of bed several times and played with his toys, but after that he's been just fine. The transition has been way easier than we thought it would be. I think it has really helped that he loves to sleep in his new bed. The side rails are also a huge help because I think it still gives him the sense of being in a crib where he's safe.

The only thing he needs now is a pillow. He's never used a pillow before and so I told him that I would sew him a "Car" pillow. Well, after I told him that, every night he's been asking me for his "car pillow". So a few days ago we went to JoAnn Fabrics and we picked out some "Car" fabric so that I can make his pillow. I got fabric to make a pillow case, and then also some other fabric to make a couple of throw pillows.

Again, I fear I might be getting a bit overzealous with my sewing project ideas considering I haven't sewn in 15 years and have yet to even try out my new sewing machine. All this talk of making pillows and curtains is a little intimidating. Hopefully I'll be able to shine through and deliver! Otherwise I will have one unhappy 2 year old!

Like I said...he's a bit lacking in wall decor.

But definitely not lacking in Lightening McQueens...haha

Oh, and just like the cats that were on the wall in my music studio room, Preston was lucky enough to end up with some bears and hearts in his room. We will be fixing that here soon enough as well...
Okay, last but not least, here is our Master Bedroom.

Now, I must warn you that our room is by FAR from being done yet. It's sort of been the throw-all room right now. I have curtains up, and our bed put together but seriously that's about it. It's really disorganized right now, so I apologize.

This is the Master Bathroom...which you can't see, but there is a nice big soaking tub with a view of the mountains and bay. It's wonderful. I've already taken a bajillion bubble baths in there.

And then this is the wall next to the door as you come into the bedroom. Will is going to be putting his computer up in the corner, and then that other tiny desk is my sewing desk. I hope to eventually replace that desk with something more condusive to sewing...but for now it works.

Anyway, that's all! Sorry I didn't take any photos of the exterior, but if you want, you can go to Elizabeth's blog (Will's sister) and she posted some pics from our move a couple of weeks ago and there are some photos of the exterior and the yard.

We have been so happy to be here. Yesterday we all went walking on the trail outside the house (there is a 1/4 mile loop across the street). It was gorgeous - you could see Mt. Baker perfectly and the sun was shining. It's so great to be in a place of our "own" - as this is the first house that we've lived in. Up until now we've only ever been in apartments, which the exception of our last place it was a "guest house" (a.k.a. "mother in law" apartment).

Will has been awesome and doing a lot of work around the house to make it more energy efficient. The home is about 18 years old and though it's been taken care of quite well, there are a lot of older aspects to it that make it not very energy efficient. Will has replaced all of the lightbulbs with compact florescent lights. He bought a new furnace pad that is digital so he could program the heat to come on and off at certain times. He bought space heaters for all the bedrooms so instead of heating the entire house, we just heat certain rooms (with the excpetion that the furnace comes on at 7:30 a.m.).

He has plenty more projects though...the dishwasher is broken and he's going to fix that. We have 2 ovens but only one works, and so he's going to try to fix that as well. He's going to replace the weather stripping on the backdoor because cold air comes in under it. He's going to organize our garage. :) And...yeah..there are a dozen other projects that he's going to do as well. Oh, did I mention he is going to make wooden feet for one of our couches? Yup. Who knew that my finance/real estate hubby was so handy? In all seriousness, the man can fix ANYTHING.

I'm going to try to get my new web cam up and running, as I will be continuing to teach my piano student via OoVoo (a service like Skype). I also need to practice the violin like mad because I'm supposed to be in the studio next weekend recording some tracks for my friend Glen Gabriel from Sweden for a Symphony that he wrote and is featuring me on (I composed the violin part and am recording it as well). While I have the part all composed and notated, I haven't had the time to do any practicing on it whatsoever. Yikes!

As for the boys, Taylor is a happy little squeeler. He's been sleeping a little better since we moved here - he definitely doesn't get the interruptions like he was getting before. Although, we still need to start sleep training him. He's still waking up at least 3-4 times every night and we are going crazy with sleep deprivation because of it. He is 5 and 1/2 months old, and we plan to start giving him some solids when he turns 6 months old. Maybe that will help him sleep better through the night...who knows. I mean, given how chunky he is, I highly HIGHLY doubt he's not getting enough nutrients and that he's just waking up out of habit - not because he's needing to eat. But perhaps with some solids, he'll get more satiated and sleep longer.

Preston is going through a "terrible two's" phase lately. Or at least we think he is. It could also be that it's a combination of the move and transitioning, as well as the fact that he's had a cold for the past week and a half. I think it's actually probably a huge combination of everything. There's been lots of screaming, tantrums, and "No!". We are trying very hard to be patient with him. Don't get me wrong - he definitely has his ultra cute moments too. He's a very good little boy. We just hope that this little tantrum phase will pass quickly and we'll have our always-happy boy back. The one thing that he's been doing lately is being more aggressive towards Taylor. I've had to get after him a few times for hitting Taylor, or pushing him over. Yesterday I came to Taylor's rescue after hearing him cry his "I'm hurt" cry, and found that Preston had been sticking his fingers in Taylor's mouth doing who knows what. I don't think Preston means ill towards Taylor, honestly, I think he's just trying to give Taylor attention. But sometimes he just doesn't know how to control the intensity of it and it's too rough.

Taylor LOVES Preston though, and Preston LOVES Taylor. As soon as Preston comes into the room, Taylor will whip his little head around and look for Preston and then turn his entire body towards him and just stare. Taylor watches EVERYTHING that Preston does. And Preston is always coming up to Taylor and giving him hugs and kisses. It's just when Taylor starts to get tired and whines/cries that Preston gets a little frustrated and starts being too rough with Taylor. Even though I don't like it when Preston acts that way, I do have to say I find it somewhat comical that it irritates Preston when Taylor cries. Taylor will cry and then I'll hear Preston start to whine as if he's trying to say "Stop're bugging me." Ahhhhhh brothers.:)

Well that is the update for us. Thanks for enduring the long post.


Dan Thomas said...

Sounds like a normal move. You know if you buy that house you will not have to move again. (It is a lot of work.)
Don't worry about the boys! I am sure they will set good examples for each other.

McLaughlin Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! So nice :) I agree with Dan... if you buy it, then you can stay there for always! Oh, and Preston's aggression toward Taylor is totally normal for his age. Hugs!

Carolyn said...

I wish that you could buy the house too! (is that any surprise?) You've already got a thousand ideas on what to do to fix it up!

James and Elizabeth said...

I love the paint job in your music room. Your whole house look amazing. I can't wait to see you guys again. I love it all

Lori-ann said...

You guys have been working hard! So many families wouldn't be nearly as far along with unpacking and decorating as you. It looks terrific! Your house looks like it's perfect for your little family. Good luck with all your sewing endeavors. I would start with Preston's pillow case first. Those are really easy and quick!

Those home improvement projects never end, let me tell you.

Dan Thomas said...

I agree start first with Preston's pillow case. (That will make him very happy.) Were you able to find any Mcqueen matrial?

Karen Y. said...

Wow! I love your home. You have already done some great things to it. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you say you are done. And, you have done all this in just two weeks. Amazing! It was fun to see Kristen's "Mater" truck in the collection. And, the big sailing ship in Taylor's room. I'll have to tell Julie and Lee to go look :) I was thinking exactly what your mom said in her above comment. I wish you guys could just buy the house. It seems to fit you all perfectly! We want to come and see you sometime, and see the inside and outside of your home. We miss you all already!

The Busy Bee said...

Your new home looks lovely. I'm so happy for you. You brought back a lot of memories for me about moving in and making a house a home. Enjoy!

Annalea said...

Wow . . . what great digs! After all the home/design blogs I've read in the last week while we've all been sick (kids watch movies, I read blogs, and all of it punctuated by the new family voice percussion band), I would be dying to spruce that place up. Actually, I'm dying to spruce up our current rental, but we're just trying to finish the carriage house, so no paint or new curtains in this place. ;o)

Have fun, Jenni!

Oh, and you need to see these blogs, if you like Classic and French styles:

Centsational Girl

Miss Mustard Seed

<a href=">A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress</a> (look through her archives to see the beautiful things she's done with her renovations--lovely).

And those three might get you into a lot of trouble with amazing links to other design blogs . . . which are too fun (speaking as one who also loves to beautify). Have fun settling in!

Bethany said...

Congratulations on having a gorgeous home. I can't believe you've already unpacked so much.... it took me weeks to unpack that much when I moved.
Your music room is definitely my favorite. It looks like a great place to create. :)

The Thomas Family said...

LOVE IT!! We're so excited for you guys!! Thanks for sharing pictures.

delicacies said...

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