Thursday, February 10, 2011

Product Review for CSN Stores

We were contacted a while back about doing a product review for CSN Stores on our blog. I've heard a lot of different people who have found really cool stuff on their website, from anything like stylish furniture, modern bedding, or in our case - kids items. People always seem to be very happy with their products and find their website very easy and convenient to navigate. And they have products in various price ranges - so there's usually something for everyone.

We've decided to review one of their products on our blog here, and they were so nice to let me pick out the product. Preston is outgrowing his high chair, and so we thought "Hey - we'll review a booster seat! Perfect!"

So very soon we'll be posting our review about this fine seat you see here:

There were a ton of booster seats to choose from, but I decided on this one because it looked like a great in betweener. As in, I could put Preston in it to eat, and Taylor could sit it in to play with the toys too.

So as soon as it arrives and we give it a spin, we'll letcha know how we like it. In the meantime, check out the CSN Stores websites. Girls, they even have shoes and purses. ;)

I will soon be reviewing one of their great products, but in the meantime be sure to check out their site. I promise you will be surprised with all that they offer!

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Dan Thomas said...

Looks like you picked one the boys will like. (Not to mention Mama.)