Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictures of the Week

Our sweet Taylor...

And Preston and I...

Does anyone know where we can send this guy off to 2 year old obedience school for a week? The "Terrible Two's" have finally manifested in Preston, and we're all suffering LOL. All parenting techniques that previously worked on him, no longer do.

Maybe Grandma's house.

And as for this one, sleep training school anyone?

Maybe we can find patience bottled in a pill. I could definitely use a little more of that lately.

I know, I look at that cute adorable face and think "How could that angel possibly be any cause for a patience pill?".

Please, I invite you to come visit our home at 12 a.m., 2 a.m., and 5 a.m. and find out why. I can give you a hint that it's not for smiling and cooing.

This one ran a marathon on Saturday and came in 3rd place in the Mens Division, and 4th overall. Good job babe!

Sorry it's blurry, but what can I say. He ran so fast that he was blurry. Okay that's not really true, I'm just a terrible photographer.

And that's a quick wrap up for the week at the Thomas household.


Sandy said...

Sounds like everyone had a busy week. This granma will take anyone you want to send this way.

Dan Thomas said...

As far as obedience school I would not advise sending him to hangout at Grandmas. Maybe now that he is two you can tell him that he needs to run just as far and as fast as his Dad.

Carolyn said...

Hmmm....sounds like a normal family to me. I talked to Sheri Flake yesterday, and said that Braden, age 1, kept her up until 3:30 AM....wanting to sleep being held....sounds just like Taylor. Hang tough.....all of these stages will come to an end.

Hint for Preston: don't give him so many options or choices for things. Just tell him (for example:) it's time for a bath, or we're having such and such for dinner.....not: do you want to have a bath? or do you want chicken for dinner? Hopefully, there will be fewer "NO's!"

Will and Heidi said...

I think you are an excellent photographer! I love to see your photos on your blog. Keep it up.