Friday, February 25, 2011

Taylor's 6 Months Stats

He looks a bit concerned in that photo, huh. Haha. I thought it was funny, so I had to put it in here.

Just really quick, Will took Taylor in on Tuesday for his 6 Month Wellness visit with his pediatrician. We still haven't found a new doctor in our new town yet, and so Will took him to our old doctor in Sammamish while I was recording in the studio all day in Seattle. 7 hours on the violin....very tiring, but productive.

Taylor weighs an even 19 pounds exactly, which puts him in the 75% percentile for weight. (Preston was 20 pounds at 6 months)

He is 27" inches long, which is also the 75% percentile for height.

And his head is 17 3/4" - which is 75 - 90% percentile.

To put it in perspective, he was born at 8 pounds exactly, and so he has gained 11 pounds in 6 months. For a little guy, that is pretty incredible I think. And it's all from breastmilk, no formula or solids (that is until last week, we started him on some green pees and rice cereal). I would like to talk to whoever is in charge of my weightloss and find out why I haven't lost 11 pounds if he's gained them. Haha.

He was 19 and 3/4 inches when he was born, and so he is grown 7 and 1/4 inches. He is wearing 6-9 month clothes right now.

He has been following his "curve" and is growing exactly how he should be, so that is good news.

He still hasn't rolled over yet, and so we were instructed to make sure he gets more tummy time. He can, however, sit up on his own. It will be weird if he starts to crawl before he can roll over.

He has a really horrible eczema patch on his right elbow that has been there for a few months. We've been putting Aquafor on it, but it just hasn't been going away. So his doc gave us a perscription for eczema. He is also getting a lot of red dots on his legs, which he scratches and it seriously looks like bug bites all over. It looks terrible. The doc said it's because it's winter and since he's prone to eczema, his skin is all dried out. So we're putting hydrocortisone on his skin every day to prevent him from scratching like crazy.

We're still working on the sleep training. It will go well for a few days, then he will revert, and so on. It's been a very frustrating process. He had 7 vaccinations at his doctor visit (yeah, 7!!) and he was very cranky for 2 days straight afterwards. He would not go to sleep unless he was being held. To say the least, we did not get much sleep either.

We're supposed to give talks this coming Sunday in church - on "Reverence". With the lack of sleep going on in our house because of Taylor, and with Preston's crazy "Terrible Two's"....we're wondering exactly if we are prime candidates for this talk or not. lol.


Emmy Southworth said...

Try Aveeno or Lubriderm with oatmeal and NO perfumes. Aquafor hurts my eczema, I have no idea why doctors recommend it. I actually have an allergic reaction to it. I feel so bad for kids that have dry, itchy skin. It really hurts and is irritating to try and sleep, or touch things. Try using a non-perfumed detergent, and putting white vinegar in the bleach cycle, instead of fabric softner. Any perfumes and dyes really set off my skin, so I'm careful what I touch and use on my skin. I run all of my clothes, especially underwear, through the vinegar cycle. It gets rid of the soap suds that irritate my skin.

Look for a really simple soap, like Ivory, that won't hurt his skin in the bath - even baby products can have too much perfume added to them. Hydro-cortisone is good short term, but it can weaken the immune system, and decrease the thickness of the skin and ability to heal in that area.

Sorry for all the advice - good luck. Hopefully he'll be able to sleep better when whatever is irritating his skin is gone.

Talia said...

Finding a lotion that is good for eczema can be hard, but it is so much more difficult when looking for a baby. Stay away from products that have dyes and fragrances that may irritate the skin and go with something lighter.

I actually work with Eucerin and a lot of people recommend either Aquaphor or Eucerin Original Skin. The Original Skin is great because it is dermatologist trusted and safe enough to use on children. Check with your doctor to make sure it is good and if you get the green light you can get $1 coupon by clicking Like on the Eucerin US Facebook page.

It is a great product that my family has used when they get bouts of eczema or just really dry winter skin.