Wednesday, September 28, 2011


There once was a caterpillar named, uh, "Caterpillar"...

He lived in a jar, not very far
from Preston's bed shaped like a car.

Then one day, Preston said "Hey!"
As he looked at his caterpillar gone brown.
I said "He's not dead, he's just sitting down with a big frown, so settle down."

But really, the caterpillar was toast,
too many days in a jar to roast,
with a 3 year old showing him to everyone to boast.

Goodbye caterpillar, it was fun.
While you were in a jar out of the sun,
Kept, admired, and loved by our little Preston.


Carolyn said...

Yup, he was pretty cute, and Preston was sure proud to show him off.

Dan Thomas said...

Catapellers don't live forever! Especially in a three year old bottle.