Friday, September 30, 2011

Live in Concert

I have 2 concerts this weekend. The first is tonight at our home and I've invited about 22 guests.  It's sort of a warm up show to get my nerves out before Saturday night's concert in Seattle.

I just wanted to let anyone know that if you want, you can watch my Saturday night concert LIVE online on uStream at 7pm Pacific.

Here is the link:

Saturday, Oct 1st. 7pm PST


Chelle said...

We can't make it tomorrow night, but I wanted to wish you well. Hope it's a great weekend of good music and great performances!

Dan Thomas said...

Thanks Jenni for the information. I am afraid I will be at Priesthod meeting.

Sandy said...

Great job tonight Jenni. Loved your last one. :-) That was the first time I've heard the whole thing. Amazing!