Thursday, September 22, 2011

Craft Project: Brag Board

So I don't normally do crafts.  

It's not that I don't enjoy doing them, but a) I have a problem finishing projects that I start, and b) I don't have enough time to pursue all of the projects that I truly would like to do.

Case in point: I would love to sew curtains for our living room and haven't done it.  I would love to sew dresses and haven't done it - even have the material sitting there waiting. I would love to reconstruct some of my old dresses into new ones - even bought a sewing bust and haven't used it.  I have empty picture frames on our walls that are waiting for photo projects and I just haven't had the time.


I did manage to do one project yesterday. But I need the help of other more experienced craftees to help me fix what I messed up on.

I wanted to make a "Brag Board". Otherwise known as a photo board, or a memory board. It's just a thing that you can post stuff on that you want to keep.  Since these days I am mostly all digital, a lot of my paper things tend to get lost without a place to put them. Hence the reason I wanted to make a brag board.

So these are the materials I used:

I used a staple gun to bind it all together on the back side.

The problem though, is the pins are just sort of sitting there.  They are supposed to go into the board and fasten the ribbon down so that you can stuff things in between the ribbons.  But my pins keep popping back out.

I think for one thing, I put too much batting on it.  And the other thing is I just don't know if pins will stick into a foam display board (I didn't want to use wood because it would be too heavy to mount on the wall).

So what do I do? Take it completely apart and remove one layer of batting? Or are there special pins/hooks out there that will actually stay nailed into a foam board?


Claire said...

How about those pins with a split prong, so they can push right through and then they split apart to hold themselves in place? Not sure if you can get them long enough but they would work if you could?

Claire said...

So I did some googling and you can use artists canvas which is super light, then use those open pronged pins or sew buttons on. Maybe you can remove the whole ribbon and fan rick without dismantling the whole thing?

Spencer and Celeste said...

Maybe you could use your staple gun where all the pins are and then cover the staples up with buttons or something. Or maybe the staples will look okay even if they're not covered up.

Dan Thomas said...

You certainly have a lot to brag about!