Thursday, September 8, 2011


What food on the floor?

Why are you lookin' at me?

Yes, I do sweep the floor at least 3 times a day underneath his highchair.

Taylor is constantly picking up food off of his tray that he doesn't like, hanging his hand over the side, LOOKING at me while doing it, and dropping things to the floor. That look that you see on his face is the "look" he gives me when he knows he is not supposed to be doing something, but does it anyway while watching for my reaction.

One year olds can be cute and so much work at the same time. :)


Dan Thomas said...

Yes but someday you have no one year olds an a clean floor.

Aby Runyan said...

Not only does Oz throw his food, he also throws his food AT ME. At mealtime he becomes a crazy person. And I have the unfortunate task of sitting next to him at dinner. And don't think he doesn't get in trouble, or hasn't been told not to. We do tell him, he just doesn't care to stop. He does however care to throw his head back and howl his disbelief and anger that I'd tell him to "CUT IT OUT!".

luvs, aby

Annalea said...

I'm reading Parenting with Love and Logic again, and it talks about this exact kind of thing. (Not necessarily mealtime/highchair stuff, but this testing the limits.)

Children watch us for our reactions to find out if what they're doing is okay. Parenting with Love & Logic shows how to effectively communicate with your child to show them were the limits are . . . without becoming emotionally involved in their testing, which guarantees they won't learn. PwLL is sanity, and a better way to handle things . . . things that actually make your kids think and figure out effectively what you want them to learn. (Imagine, eh?)

Even though life is hectic, PwLL is a great bathroom book. Five minute chunks are all you need to read a bit, think about it, and incorporate it. You'll be glad you did. :o)

Hang in there!

Renae said...

Love the pictures! We sweep six times a day. Adam dumps his plate and throws his food. Lydia drops her food. Our foster baby throws his food and puts it over his head. Thanks for making me laugh! I really needed that. We gave up trying to make them stop and just surrendered to it being a phase. Eventually they will realize they don't like being that messy and it's embarrassing to look the way the do. We do stop it if someone else is in the splash zone though. Gotta love little ones! You should have seen the floor with seven little ones!

Sandy said...

I've taken the PwLL as well as the TwLL and both are excellent ways of teaching children. It's really what it says ---- with Love and Logic. Made sense to me.

James and Elizabeth said...

He's so cute even when he throws food. You guys are great parents.