Monday, March 17, 2008

7 Month Belly Pic

Here it is - the 7 month prego pic.

And then also a collage to see a fun progression of my ever-growing belly (see below). We went and had another ultrasound today to determine how big Preston is and if he is measuring ahead. He is in the 61% percentile and measuring right about where he should be - but with a big head. LOL. Apparently, that is thanks to me.

At my last doctor visit 2 weeks ago, he was measuring 2 weeks ahead - hence the extra ultrasound. But the verdict is that I am measuring big because I have a lot of amnio fluid (more than average). So the little guy has a lot to swim in. So this means I am still on schedule for June 8th. Sigh. I was really hoping for the end of May.

His rear-end is mostly on my upper left side, his feet kicking my right side, and his head and hands pointed down and doing acrobats on my bladder.

Anyway, we don't like to bore everyone with my pregnancy, so for more updates on our baby and the pregnancy - you can visit my pregnancy blog.

We've posted the ultrasound there (we didn't delete it this time), where you will be able to see the little guy wiggle, kick me, hiccup, and even yawn.

It was cute.


Kate said...

cute cute cute...I love the collage!

Sandy said...

You're coming right along there. I especially like the collage so we can see how you've progressed. Or Preston's progressed.

Andy and Brandie said...

You look so great, I love belly shots. I wish that I would have done more with Demetrius but I was busy trying to keep up with Cecilia. You are a very beautiful pregnant woman. Love you lots.

The Thomas Family said...

What a cute pregnant lady you are. LOVE the collage! I love seeing the progress.

Lisonbees said...

Hi, I am Will's cousin wife Nancy. wow....that's confusing. I married Peter Lisonbee. He is the son of Margie (Harmon)Lisonbee. Anyhow you husband will commented on my blog yesterday and I thought I'd write you guys back to tell you how excited I am that you are naming your son Preston. We named our son Preston!! I have always loved that name since elementary school. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy. You are too cute.