Monday, March 24, 2008

Anniversary/Easter Weekend

We just returned last night from a nice relaxing weekend on the Washington peninsula.

So we didn't exactly do anything special for Easter, but we did celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary (it is on the 25th).

I'll be honest - I've had a rough month dealing with my church callings and dislocated ribs and just really needed a break from everything before my prego hormones made me irrational and chew a few people out (which is so unlike my personality too). Too bad I couldn't get a break from being pregnant for a weekend though!
So we started out the trip Saturday morning heading to the Edmonds ferry terminal, and followed a big old car with the license plate "Willie T", which is what Will's nickname was in high school.

As we passed the car, I noticed the driver and started laughing. "Um, there's a clown driving that car!" Will looked over and said I had to hurry and take a picture. I totally felt like the papperazzi to this poor old person. But nevertheless, I did snap a shot of him.

(You should be able to click on the pic to see full size version).

We finally caught our ferry and made our way over to the Eden by the Sea Bed & Breakfast. The WA peninsula is always one of our favorite getaways. We went there last year for our anniversary as well, but had a little bit better luck with the weather last year.

The rest are some fun pics from our time together.
This is the beach below our B&B. There was no beach access, so Will got a little adventurous while I was napping and climbed down the side of a cliff. He had fun exploring a pretty much undiscovered-by-humans beach.

Will's photography skills at work. "Look how I got the water to blur!" He said to me like an excited little boy. I love him.

Okay, so we came across this really weird neighborhood where there were obviously some troll-obsessed people. This troll was carved out of a large tree (he also had fence posts that were all trolls).

This troll was guarding the entrance to his driveway. Weird, and scary.

And this was one of the homes - a midevil castle.

Just another deer hanging out in someone's yard. There are so many deer over there.

Will and I on the beach.

More of Will's photography skills. He actually took these from the deck of the ferry on our way back to Seattle. I was impressed he was able to get the pictures horizontal because we had some killer waves hitting us with the windy weather.


Andy and Brandie said...

Looks like you had a very romantic anniversary. Happy Anniversary. You look great in all the pictures. I will be at your baby shower. I can't wait to see you there.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love all the pictures. It looks like you had a very relaxing weekend. Happy Anniversary!

Steve & Ileana said...

I thought that time machine that is at the end of someone's driveway at some house on Camano was the wierdest driveway ornament I have ever seen, but the troll is now #1.

Karen said...

Three years? Watch out! Before you know it, it'll be 31 years like us!! Karen Pelton

Kate said...

what a fun place to go! the trolls are creepy.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! Who took your guys' pictures on the beach? They turned out great! By the way you look adorable and the next time round I am expecting I would love to borrow your wardrobe! hahaha! See you this weekend! Love ya N

Jenni said...

What a fun weekend! Happy Anniversary! I love your maternity shirt, so adorable! You guys look great! Just think this time next year you are going to have a little munchkin... and are going to be looking for someone to watch the little squirt so you can celebrate your 4th anniversary! Life is grand, huh?

ld@davfam said...

So glad you had a wonderful relaxing time!!

Chelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.

OK, I just have to say - the clown picture... was priceless.