Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Picnic

Saturday we got to get out of the house (yes!) and went on a picnic with our friends Chris & Jen and their daughter Katy. It started out cold but ended up nice and sunny by the end. We BBQ'd hamburgers and had brownies, chips and lemonade.

The guys took our kayaks out and had a good time.

"Uh, so, do you work these things?"

The two prego chics (the one on the left obviously being a lot fatter, er uh I mean PREGNANT than the other) enjoyed sitting on the shore and watching their husbands paddle away. Katy enjoyed eating rocks.

Yes, it was a tad bit cold.

Will showing Chris how NOT to get in the boat.

Thanks Chris, Jen, and Katy for a fun outing!


Andy and Brandie said...

That really looks like a lot of fun. I have never Kiyaked (sp) but I would love to learn how. You look great for being so pregnant.

Sandy said...

You guys are as crazy as Jenn and her kids. But, it looks like fun anyway.

McClains said...

We have the cutest husbands huh? We had a blast, thanks to you guys also!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Sounds like fun. And you look the best. Being Pregnant is a very good thing.

I love the name Preston. do you have middle name picked out yet? James was on the internet yesterday looking up baby names. You got him interested. Anyway, we had fun finding names. How about Eztel? hehehehehehehe. It's just a thought. We where looking at it's a pretty good website.