Monday, March 10, 2008

Quote of the Week - Thanks to Will

So I have to embarrass Will for a second here. I have discovered something about him that I find hilariously funny. Maybe I am mean, but I have the most interesting conversations with him right when he has just drifted off to sleep. I find out things that I probably would never when he is awake.

For example, last week we were lying in bed talking and I was going on and on and on....and then realized he wasn't responding. I turned to him and said "Will! Did you hear anything I just said?" He jumped a little and instantly frantically responded "Are my pants up?" LOL

But my favorite so far was yesterday. We were watching a movie where someone kept mentioning how "neurotic" someone was. I couldn't remember what the word neurotic meant. I turned to Will (whom was just drifting off) and I said "What does neurotic mean?". This was then the conversation that followed:

Will: "Huh? Oh, I'm not sure but I know there are some drugs called neurotics."

Jenni sits there trying not to burst out laughing.

Jenni: "Ooooh. Thank you. You mean NARCOTICS?"

Will all of a sudden realizes the mistake he made, and fully wakes up and busts out laughing. For the rest of the night I teased him and kept asking him if he would like some neurotics.


ld@davfam said...

That's so funny. TD occasionally talks in his sleep. Once he screamed out - Not the corvette you nimrod. It's been a few years now but we still laugh about it! So glad you shared. :)

Kaylene said...

Hahahaha! Our husbands must be related or something. ;)

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

That is so funny. It reminds me of story about Daniel. One time in Chiliquin I was in the basement watching a roomatic chick flick. Daniel was in the family room laying on the couch watching the movie too. In the movie their was a very sad part and I was crying uncontrollably, when all of a sudden Daniel sits up and starts laughing at me. I felt so embarrassed. I tried wiping the tries as fast as I could but then Daniel fell back down, totally asleep, just as fast as he'd sat up laughing. My heart was racing so fast it totally scared me and then I started laughing after I realized what was going on.

I know James could tell you a few funny stories about me doing crazy things when I'm halfway asleep.

Good times!

Loretta said...

Oh gosh it is totally reversed in our family. Rolf always says I talk to him at night and I have no knowlegde of anything.

Oh well, those are the things that makes life interesting.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I take back the Etzel. Preston Etzel could be easily turned into Pretzel. Maybe not a good idea. Your better not take any advice on names from us. it's not like you where asking for it but we just thought we would share. Sorry. hehehehehehehe

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

You might need to look at the comments of the other blog in order to understand my last message. Sorry. I think i'm losing my mind, which is never a good thing at mid terms.

The Thomas Family said...

That sounds like how some of Luke and my conversations go. Must be a brother thing. I guess that's what you get when have a hard working husband .

Mama Dew said...

I love those half asleep moments. My favorite is the time Daniel was trying to save our pillows from deflating. That was the best!

Suguturaga Family said...

Well... I'm not allowed to put Sitani to sleep anymore because we lay down and I fall asleep and he goes back out to play. The other day after it happened... Haini came in and turned on the light and I told Sitani to turn off the light not realizing that it was Haini. I didn't know that Sitani had left the room and had been out playing for a while. Haini was standing in the doorway and was holding both Sitani and Marley in his arms just laughing at my poor attempt to put Sitani asleep. Oops. Hey I am a hard workin woman.

Andy and Brandie said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Andy swears I talk in my sleep but I do not believe him. Maybe one day he will record me. Then I will believe him.

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenni and Will,

Jenni, try asking him something when he is asleep on the bathroom floor. He used to sleep there lots. I think he like the sound of the fan in there at night.

Dan Thomas