Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank Goodness for Good People

I won a service auction a few weeks ago at church to have flowers delivered to me at random times all Spring long.

I was having a particularly hard day on Wednesday (I've had hives for 2 weeks), and after I'd finished teaching my last piano student for the day there was a knock on my door. Sister Jones was standing there with a big beautiful bouquet of flowers. "I was at Pike's Market today and had to get these for you".

I wanted to cry. It was just what I needed. Not to mention they were yellow - the happiest color of all. I had been praying all day that I would find some relief or something to make things easier. God truly does answer our prayers through other people.

Thank you Sister Jones.

Also, just today I opened up a box that my friend Noelle sent me to cheer me up. A box of her maternity clothes!! If you've been pregnant, you know how tired you get of wearing the same black maternity pants every day (just an example). So I was really excited to have some new wardrobe items for the next little while. Thank you Noelle!

Just so you know, this box looked much better when I first opened it. I sort of messed it up going through it. :)


Andy and Brandie said...

How beautiful, yellow my favorite color of all the flowers. I love it when you get something out of the blue that you were not expecting.

NelsonFam said...

How beautiful. I am so glad you have "sisters" close by to think of and take care of you.

Have a blast at your shower this weekend. I wish we could all be there.

steele life said...

Those sure are pretty flowers you got. it is true how the lord does answer prayers thru other people. it truly a miracle.
Sam and Sara steele

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

That is so sweet. We love sister Jones too. I hope feel better soon. Enjoy your baby shower I wish we could be there too.

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenni,

You deserve nice flowers. I hope the cheered up your day.

Sandy is now in Salt Lake at the airport trying to get out of Salt Lake on the last flight.

If she makes it she makes it. If not know that she tried to be at your shower.

Dad Thomas

Andy and Brandie said...

jenni my address is that is why I never get the ones that you send to me I never check that other one because of too much spam

Suguturaga Family said...

I love your flowers. It is amazing how having live flowers or plants in your house can really cheer you up. Haini learned really quickly what flowers can mean. I'm glad that you have sisters in the gospel to be there on those days when you just need a little something. You totally deserve them and the end is almost near. It is so hard waiting for that first one.

The Paulks said...

Oh Jenni! I was reading through this post and the last... I feel like I need to say that I hear you! I'm only on week 17, but so dang tired of being sick. It's hard work being pregnant; sometimes you just need someone else who understands.
I'm glad that someone was inspired to bring you flowers. It's nice to know people care!
I hope you have a better week!